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Book Review: Semi-Scripted by Amanda Heger

Semi Scripted by Amanda Heger
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Diversion Publishing
Date November 8, 2016

Marisol Gutierrez is not a fan of big speeches or standing up in front of people. She’s not good in crowds, doesn’t really like to schmooze and hates the idea that she might disappoint someone. And this time, things are absolutely over the top stressful because her family’s entire medical practice in Nicaragua depends on her standing in front of a room full of people and trying to get a grant for the practice. But when she gets to Los Angeles, she decides she’s going to splurge on one thing – she wants to see a live taping of her favorite American game show. She figures that if she plays it really well, she might even be able to give the winnings to the clinic and not worry about the grant proposal and presentation.

But as in life, things do not go as planned. While in line for the game show, Marisol gets invited to the taping of another show by a cute young guy. She decides she may as well go for it. And then life happens. A lot of life actually. A series of oddly timed random events make Marisol and this cute guy, Evan, the most popular people in America for a while. Imagine a running bit on the Tonight Show and you’ll get the picture. Except that Marisol has no idea.

As she spends more and more time on the show doing these little bits here and there, she starts having fun and really enjoying her time with Evan. But is it real or is it scripted? And will her new found popularity mess up the grant for her family’s clinic??

Semi-Scripted was a fun, light behind the scenes glimpse at night time talk shows, social media, and a bit of the way the world runs. I couldn’t imagine that a young woman like Marisol would be so completely out of touch, but when you realize she grew up in Nicaragua and cares really deeply for people in need, you can see where she might disconnect from Hollywood – even when she’s in the middle of it!

I enjoyed this book. Watching the romance bloom on screen and off was fun and even though you can clearly see some things coming, it’s got some fun little twists and jaunts along the way that keep you guessing.

This was a fun read. If you love television (as I do!) or Hollywood and a bit of romance, you’ll enjoy it!