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Book Review: Lady Ever After

Lady Ever After by Tamara Leigh
Genre: romance, historical,
Publisher: Tamara Leigh
Date: November 23, 2016

Collier Morrow is a highly successful businessman whose life seems to be perfect. He’s got a beautiful fiancé and other than some family tension with his brother, life is pretty good. Except it’s really not. He’s got some issues making real connections with Aryn (the aforementioned fiancé) and he’s always in competition with his brother. It’s not always friendly either. When you factor in the rock climbing accident that gave him a dependency on painkillers, you can easily see how difficult things have been.

Through it all, there’s been one constant – and it’s an odd one. It’s a painting of Lady Catherine Algernon.  She is a legend who steadfastly defended her castle against enemy troops during the War of the Roses. She lost her life doing it. Collier knows the legend well. At a young age, the painting completely captivated him like nothing else in his life ever has. Her eyes haunt him and he feels like there’s much more to her story.

When things take another downward turn in Collier’s life, it looks bleaker than ever, but something weird happens. Truly weird. He ends up actually IN history – facing Lady Catherine Algernon herself. No longer just a painting watching over him or a legend in history books, Collier is actually a part of the story now. And he has no idea what to do. Should he change history? How can he not save the incredible woman in front of him? And does he need to keep a low profile or destroy history? More than all of that, why does Lady Catherine look so much like his fiancé Aryn? Is that supposed to mean something?

Tamara Leigh has stepped into the time travel romance with this series (Lady Ever After is the second book in her Beyond Time series) and if you like Tamara’s previous work, you’re going to want to snag this one. Collier is a tortured hero and when you throw him into these odd circumstances, it’s fascinating to watch him work through his issues. Situations in the 1400’s force him to confront things that were holding him back in 2016.

This is an interesting spin on the time travel romance and it was a nice little vacation from my current stressors in life. If you’re a fan of Tamara Leigh’s, don’t miss it!