For years I have been marketing projects from radio to television to theatrical and streaming with my company,  Beyond the Buzz Marketing. My business model is simple. It’s based on unique, fresh ideas that aren’t limited by anything more than the imagination. I don’t believe we should think outside the box. Instead I can’t stop asking questions. Why is there a box? Who made the box? Where do I find this box??

My brain is constantly churning with ideas that are usually not the way most people would look at things. I don’t like to cram any project into some formula. Every single thing that comes to me is different and needs something different.  I’m all about breaking molds so most of my ideas are unique and some might even be a little bit crazy.

For some, social media is the best avenue. For others, traditional print, radio, or television campaigns may be necessary. Or maybe you need an event with a big splash that will let people know who you are and what you do.

Whatever you might need, I can help. After decades in this business, I have a vast network of creative individuals that cover everything from writing to graphic design, print, media, events, and everything in between.

If you are interested in marketing that is tailored to fit not only your project but your budget, drop me a line. I’d love to talk with you and see how we can work together to buzz your projects.