I am a screenwriter. I have two degrees in writing and over the years that I have been in this industry, I’ve written everything from television, to radio, audio dramas, stage plays, and even web content.  My produced work can be seen on Amazon, Vudu, and broadcast television. 

On the marketing side, I’ve worked with a variety of clients that include Nike, ABC Family, The CW Network, Lifetime, and several NY Times Bestselling authors.  I especially love working on films or projects that are going to do some good in their respective communities. I refer to this as missional marketing. You can read more about that on my blog.

I have also worked on the theatrical distribution side of things. I’ve done everything from managing national releases to group ticket sales, special events, red carpets and more.  My full bio (including previous clients and projects) can be accessed here if you are curious.

In the off hours, I am a mom. I homeschooled three kids (with minimal damage to all!) and I am passionate about supporting my family and loved ones. I have volunteered with wounded warriors and the military for over 15 years and I love pouring back into the community. I am also a sci-fi geek. I love Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who, Firefly, Farscape…pretty much anything that makes my brain warp out in a fun way. I’m always up for a lively discussion on movies or shows pretty much anytime. 

In 2014, I was diagnosed with cancer and needed to have a large portion of my tongue removed and then rebuilt. I didn’t speak or eat for almost an entire year.  Even after that, it was a long time before I was able to speak normally or even consider eating something off of a menu. Today I am thankful to report that I speak with no issues. Many people would never know I only have half a tongue. That is definitely a miracle of epic proportions and I am thankful to God every single day for that. 

I consult with films, screenwriters, and producers on literally every piece of the filmmaking process. I can do everything from screenwriting to sponsorship, promotion, publicity, marketing and distribution. If you are interested in any of this I want to hear from you! Please drop me an email at lori@loritwichell.com