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Review: The Eleventh on Feeln

I  received an email earlier this week asking if I would be interested in reviewing a new program on Feeln called The Eleventh. For those of you who haven’t heard, Feeln is a new streaming service that focuses on heartwarming stories that families can enjoy. Their website says:

Feeln is the streaming service that brings you heartfelt stories of love and togetherness, anytime, anywhere. Feeln carefully selects every title so you spend less time searching and more time with the stories you love. Feeln brings home the exclusive library of Hallmark Hall of Fame features, handpicked Hollywood movies and TV series, and award-winning originals you won’t find anywhere else.

“The Eleventh” is a Feeln original drama series that focuses on a young girl’s journey to getting to know her estranged grandmother in order to bring closure to the past and unite her family.

When I watched the trailer, I was completely intrigued! Check it out:

Our whole family sat down to watch the first two episodes of the show and we really enjoyed it. Even my 11 year old son was engaged with it the show and when it ended, he asked where the rest was. That’s a big thing around here since he tends toward superheros and Star Wars more than family drama. We really liked it a lot. The plot moved along nicely and it kept us all guessing about what would happen next.

This is definitely a show worth checking out. If you are interested in watching the show,  you can watch full episodes of ‘The Eleventh’ on Feeln.