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Let’s Talk about John Crist

Recently, I shared my thoughts on the buzz and grumblings about Kanye West.  It got a lot of response from people. Last night, my daughter decided to share her thoughts on some other controversies happening right now. You’ll probably be able to see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But admittedly, I’m a proud Mama.

by Sydney Twichell
Christians: Kanye West is probably faking it. We’re gonna need solid proof that this transformation is real and we shouldn’t just support him just because he claims Christianity. He could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Also Christians: wow I’m praying for John Crist in this hard time. It’s so hard living under the spotlight and I hope he gets the help he needs. All these hateful Christians need to stop bringing up his past because they’re just gossiping.

We need to take a good hard long look at ourselves if this is how we act.

On one hand we have a celebrity completely change their attitude towards Christ and Christians, and from the looks of it is trying to make a difference. He is praising Jesus. And we’re worried he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Then we have another celebrity who is “one of us”. He’s a Christian comedian that we’ve all supported. But when it comes out and he admits that he is a sexual predator and has abused women for years, and continued to abuse them when he knew how wrong it was, we just gotta sprinkle a little prayer on him and he’s good.

What. The. Heck.

You claim you wanna keep an eye out for that wolf in sheep’s clothing, but you do nothing when the true wolf admits he’s wearing the sheep’s clothes. In fact you praise him. You call him brave. And Lord help anybody else that talks about his appalling behavior because “that’s not Christ like.”

You know what Christ did when men who were supposed to represent Him and His father in the community were caught lying, cheating, and hurting others?


Am I praying for John Crist? Yeah. But I do not and will not support a man who admits he was doing wrong and continued to do it anyway. Who even used his “addiction” As a fall back when he would get called out. He hurt and abused women. I don’t tolerate that.

We have rejected and bullied someone trying to do good, but praised and clapped when someone did the horrid. That is not okay.

Sydney Twichell is a barista by day and an up and coming content provider, producer, and future Mr. Rogers 2.0.  You can follow her here on Instagram and Facebook.