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Review: Sense and Sensibility by Sarah Price

25786730Title: Sense and Sensibility
Author: Sarah Price
Genre: Amish
Publisher: Realms
Date: March 1, 2016

Eleanor, Maggie and Mary Ann are still reeling from the sudden loss of their father when they discover that their home is about to convert into their brother’s hands. He promised his father that he would care for his sisters and step-mother, but his wife isn’t a big fan of the idea. Her thoughts on ‘caring’ vary quite differently from what most would consider it.  As a result, the little family finds themselves in very unhappy and miserable circumstances.

They know that they must change their situation and moving to another farm seems like a good plan. Unfortunately, Eleanor has caught the eye of her sister in law’s brother and it looks like he is ready to come courting. But the plan to move has specific timing and Eleanor must leave Edwin behind – though he promises to visit.

Meanwhile, her younger sister Mary Ann catches the eye of a flamboyant young man in the new parish, and soon they set tongues to wagging. Will disaster befall the young couple??

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. I love Jane Austen and am one of her very devoted fans. I’ve seen and read all the adaptations of her stories, so I come to ‘new twists’ with high expectations indeed. When starting a book that has anything to do with the beloved Austen characters I’ve come to know and love, I always approach hesitantly. And in this case, I had some other concerns because I don’t usually read Amish fiction. I grew up in Amish country. The buggies were something I had to navigate for my driving test and the food, crafts, sewing and furniture were all highly cherished in my home.  Sometimes Amish fiction doesn’t pay the proper amount of respect in my opinion.

Thankfully, Sarah Price’s work flew past all of my doubts, concerns and questions. Not only that, it accomplished this with amazing grace, style, and dignity. I am surprised at how very much I loved this book! In fact, I have already passed it along to my daughter who is, much as I was, absorbing it and adoring it.

If you have ever read (or enjoyed the film versions) Sense and Sensibility, you will find this new take on the famous classic beautiful, fresh and engaging. The characterizations and descriptions are spot on (It made me homesick to read it!) and though we all know what happens, it’s still exciting to watch it unfold.

I read this book in one sitting and loved every moment of it! Highly recommended!