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Audiobook Review: Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
Genre: mystery, suspense, thriller
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Anyone who has been to public school knows that it can be hard. Really hard. Any mom who has dropped off their kid for the first day of Kindergarten or at a  new school knows that it’s heartbreaking, scary, and nerve wracking to watch your kid disappear into a building where you aren’t sure if they are going to have friends or not.

Ratchet that up a level when you realize that your school is situated in one of the most elite areas in the country. Now it’s not just who is in your class, but what are they wearing, who do they know and what do their parents do. So for single mom Jane, who is dropping off her son, Ziggy for his first day, it’s far more stressful than the average ordinary day. Thankfully, she bonds with a couple of the ‘important’ moms in the group so she’s able to learn a little more about the area, the school, and the moms before she goes back to pick him up. Unfortunately, Ziggy’s first day doesn’t end well. Though he insists he’s done nothing wrong, another child accuses him of a horrifying act and thus the wheels start spinning.

But how does a first grader’s bad first day at a new school erupt into eventual murder at a school fundraiser? This is the mystery that unravels in this book. And it’s not only a whodunit – it’s a who was it. WHO was murdered? How? We don’t know yet.

Liane Moriarty’s book has hundreds of accolades from across the publishing world and it’s with good reason. Big Little Lies is an exceptionally well crafted mystery that leaves you guessing pretty much until the very end. I am a little late getting on the Moriarty bandwagon, but I will say that this book definitely cemented my fangirl status.

Something else that I really loved was that I received the exquisitely well done audiobook from E Stories. I love audiobooks. I really do. They allow me the ability to multitask as I can listen to them and do other things. So I was thrilled that E Stories reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing an audiobook. I’ll be honest here too – not all audiobooks are created equally. Some of them aren’t well produced or the narrators just can’t pull them off. I’m excited to say that this audiobook was fantastic. I loved it from beginning to end and I am thankful to E Stories for the opportunity. Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring you more audiobook reviews soon!