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Book Review: Where The Dead Lie

Where the Dead Lie by C.S. Harris
Genre: mystery, historical, suspense,
Publisher: Berkley
Date: April 4, 2017

Sebastian St. Cyr is a man that you do not want to cross. The venerable Viscount Devlin is not a man that lets go of injustice. It’s one of the reasons that his investigations have become so well known. He’s never content to just wrap up a case. Justice must be served. So when a young boy turns up not only dead, but appears to have been torture in the long hours before his death, Sebastian is on a mission. And the stakes go even higher when Sebastian realizes that this isn’t a singular incident. Other children have gone missing over the past few months. Could it be years? And is this young man’s little sister in immediate danger?

I’m not sure how things could get more tense in this latest outing from C.S. Harris. I mean I adored Devlin long before this book, but witnessing him as a man on a serious mission…it made my fangirl heart go aflutter. And when one of his own is threatened? Oh my.

If you haven’t had the opportunity before now to pick up one of the St. Cyr novels, you need to remedy that ASAP. These books are an expertly crafted tug of war between propriety, standards and justice. Just when you think  one might have won out over the others, something spins out of control and you are left gasping with the consequences.

I’m not sure about other readers, but for myself, these books play out like a big screen theatrical adventure. It’s rare that a book makes me catch my breath with such a rich depth of character, but Harris seems to pull it off in every one of these books. (The ones I’ve read so far at least!) I absolutely adore Sebastian St. Cyr and his adventures. This is a group of characters that I have taken into my heart. Some books live in the mind until the cover is closed. Then the adventure is over. With the St. Cyr novels, it feels like we’re getting glimpses of the rest of the man. The stories are dynamic, full, and overflowing with adventure in and of themselves, but as we’re reading we can’t help but feel there’s more. Still waters run deep. So much to explore and share!

I adore this series from C.S. Harris. It sits firmly in place of pride on my recommended list to others. And did you see this gorgeous cover?? You’ll want to put this on display on your bookshelf for sure. If you love mystery, intrigue, suspense, drama, or romance, you do not want to miss these books!