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Review: Breakthrough on National Geographic Channel

Breakthrough_Share-PreviewSite_960x505_v02c_mmWhat happens when you give six prominent filmmakers the chance to explore subjects that are mysterious, puzzling and close to their heart? You get a television series like Breakthrough.

Each week, join a filmmaker on a very personal journey to discover answers to questions that plague not only themselves, but humanity. More like science fiction than documentary, this series covers extreme situations that show us where our future may lead. Is it possible to seamlessly create robotics that work with the human body? Could a pandemic wipe out the whole of civilization? Is there a water crisis looming in front of us?

My family and I received these dvds to watch and review and we were highly impressed. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but even my 11 year old was engaged with several of the episodes. Some are difficult to watch like the recent Pandemic episode with Peter Berg. Spending a great amount of time on disease or illness that has the potential to wipe out entire populations isn’t exactly encouraging at times. I chose not to have my younger kids watch that one only because I know they have anxiety issues. I didn’t want to add to them.

However, the episode was intriguing and interesting as it uncovered the reality of what Ebola does and also what it could mean for a population as it spreads. It was beyond fascinating to learn how people who have overcome Ebola have recovered and are now back to normal.

Upcoming episodes are equally as fascinating. It’s a unique glimpse into the mind of some of the most prominent influencers in Hollywood. Ron Howard, Paul Giamatti and Angela Bassett are just some of the names we will be hearing from in upcoming weeks.

If you homeschool, this series is a great educational resource and the website, packs a powerful amount of information together that is useful for opening discussions amongst middle schoolers and high schoolers. Each episode is a definite conversation starter and, at least for me, it kicked off some very detailed debate and discussion between my kids and I.

Airing every Sunday over the next several weeks, Breakthrough is a beautifully vivid and wonderfully built production. The filmmaking is gorgeous to watch and the commentary by each celebrity presenter is engaging and intriguing. As you watch, they feel like they’re sharing a part of themselves with you.

I have very much enjoyed this series and I recommend it to anyone who has a curious nature, enjoys debate, or loves science fiction. It’s a good one – not to be missed!

Breakthrough airs on National Geographic Channel on Sunday evenings at 9/8 central.
*I received a copy to review in exchange only for my unbiased opinion.