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Review: Dreamtreaders by Wayne Thomas Batson

51sIjVTVU-L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Dreamtreaders by Wayne Thomas Batson
Genre: YA
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Date: May 13, 2014

Archer Keaton isn’t your typical fourteen year old. He’s got all the usual issues of school and girls and some difficult family dynamics, but it’s much more than that. He’s one of an elite group of people who can walk people’s dreams. Every night, he explores dreams, fixes fissures that could let the dreams seep into the real world, and sometimes, he battles evil forces. All of that is about to get amped up to a much larger degree than he’s ever imagined.

Two of his fellow Dreamtreaders have gone missing so now Archer is on his own. More than that, he’s hearing rumors of lurkers walking the dreams and he can feel the darkness growing. His own family is experiencing horrifying nightmares and being drawn into the battle. Archer has his work cut out for him. And then there’s this new kid in town that seems to be more than just a little different. Is he someone that Archer needs to watch as well?

The first outing in the Dreamtreaders trilogy, with this one, Wayne Batson pulls no punches. Archer’s life is harrowing, dangerous, and infinitely fascinating from the very first moment. Now I admit, that for me personally, this series hit some buttons. We have some very personal sleep issues in my home that made reading this book somewhat difficult for me. But that’s one hundred percent me and nothing at all to do with the writing, plot, or storyline. Things move at a quick pace and though there are a few bumps here and there, the ride is a total thrill. The unexpected twists and turns keep everything fresh and exciting as we join Archer on his journey.

This book captured my imagination and engaged me in a fantasy world that isn’t too hard to believe could be real. Great for teens and adults, this book is a fun vacation from reality and I’m looking forward to diving into the next one!


Rating: PG-13 There are some difficult emotional situations that could put younger readers off a bit.


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