Radiant Lit, Caged No More, and other sundry things.

Hello all!  It’s been a WHILE since I have been in touch here and I apologize for that. The past few weeks have been incredibly crazy and we’ve had an insane number of things all hit at once!

First, Radiant Lit was down for about 8 weeks. We suffered a huge hacking attack and it continued on and on despite our attempts to keep it up. It took moving it to a new hosting service and changing a LOT of the back end, but it’s finally back up! Now we just need to dig out from the crazy.

Now, though, comes to the bigger reason. I have been, for the past few months, working on a film about trafficking. Human trafficking. Sex trafficking. It has a lot of names but it’s all the same thing. Human beings are currently bought and sold, here in the U.S. This film aims to shed a light on that horrifying practice. It’s from the producers of God’s Not Dead and it stars Kevin Sorbo, Cassidy Gifford, and Alan Powell.


Caged No More was one of the most powerful projects I have ever worked on. Every day I had the opportunity to speak with people who had been trafficked and have since, been rescued and turned their lives around. I spoke with churches who didn’t believe that trafficking exists in the U.S. and movie theaters who told us it was a myth. This was a life changing film for me and if you can find it anywhere near you, I would encourage you to go.

That said though, I’m back on track and have some great book, movie, and television reviews set up for the next few weeks, so keep watching! And if you think about it, drop me a line and let me know what you’ve been up to!