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Book Review: Brotherhood in Death by J.D. Robb

Brotherhood BiDin Death by JD Robb
Reviewed by Lori Twichell
Genre: Sci Fi/Mystery
Publisher: Berkley
Date: February 2, 2016

Dennis Mira is about to enter the world of Eve Dallas and as you can guess, it’s not a pleasant introduction. When he discovers that his cousin Edward, is meeting with a real estate agent to sell a family property that isn’t allowed to be sold, he’s angry. He goes to confront Edward but walks in on something far more sinister.  Thankfully, he only ends up on the floor with a head injury. Edward isn’t so lucky.


For anyone who has ever read an Eve Dallas book, you know the depth of the respect that she and Roarke hold for the Miras. They are the closest thing that Eve has to family. She does not take it well when those close to her are in harm’s way. The case becomes exceptionally personal.

With so many books under her belt, J.D. Robb runs the risk of becoming old, tired, or rehashing storylines. Thankfully, she never does. I stay a Robb fan with each new release and this one is no different. Packed with intrigue, wit, twisty storylines and emotion, Brotherhood in Death explores, once again, the most hideous part of humanity. This case is a tough one. It dives deep into exactly how dark humanity can get and, with the grace that only Robb can muster, she takes it even further.

But more than just the mystery, Robb forces Eve to once again, consider her feelings. Are they good for her? Are they too much? How to handle caring for someone to this magnitude is challenging for her and this becomes an integral part of the investigation. The further she gets into the case, the deeper she gets into the mystery of her own family and her attachment to the Miras. There’s a tendency to push this away out of fear. It’s fabulous that Robb doesn’t allow Eve to become hardened and walled away from those around her. Roarke continually challenges her growth but beyond that, the others around her also force Eve to deal with feelings.

I really enjoyed this book. That’s no surprise knowing that it’s resting on my bookshelf in a place of honor. If you like mystery at all – you must read the Robb books. Don’t miss them!


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