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Lisa T. Bergren’s Remnants Blog Tour – Stop #10 (with giveaway!)

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I am a huge fan of Lisa Bergren. I was going to say that I’m a fan of her work, but in recent years as I’ve gotten to know her, I can say that Lisa’s one of the really genuine and sweet people out there in the world. She just also happens to have been created with these off the wall amazing writing abilities too!

When she got in touch with me about joining the team for her new series, Seasons of Wonder, I didn’t even hesitate. My response was to beg her to allow me to do it!  I loved this book. I mean overly, abundantly, amazingly loved this story.


 Andriana is a Remnant, gifted as an empath and one of the Ailith, destined to act as  humanity’s last shield against the horrors that now plague those who remain.

 After years of training in stealth and warfare, Andriana and her Knight protector,  Ronan, are finally ready to answer the Call and begin the life they were designed for.

 But as they embark with the other Remnants on the first of their assignments, they  quickly discover that the world beyond their protected Valley is more dangerous than  they imagined.

 The Sons of Sheol will stop at nothing to prevent Dri and Ronan from rescuing  anyone sympathetic to the Remnants’ cause. And as the Remnants battle the  demonic forces, still other enemies close in. Dangers intensity, but so do Dri’s feelings  for Ronan–the one emotion she is not meant to feel. In the midst of their mission, Andriana must fine a way to master her feelings. Or risk compromising everything…

Lisa is a very busy lady, so I just snagged her for a fast 20 questions.  Check out what she had to say behind the link. (Oh and there’s a clue for the launch tour at the end AND information on a giveaway Lisa’s doing too…so don’t miss those! Click MORE!)

Beverage of choice when writing?

Water. How boring is that?

Best love scene in a movie?

When the heroine is DRESSING Tom Cruise in “Samurai” for battle. How amazing was that?

Milk or dark chocolate?

Dark, all the way.

Do you picture movie stars in your mind while you’re writing your characters?

Sometimes. Not for REMNANTS. These kids were individuals in my head born out of pure imagination.

Best book signing moment ever?

Meeting anyone who have been reading my books ever since the beginning, which began with REFUGE, about 20 years ago. Such an honor. I feel like I’m especially bonded with them.

Most awkward book signing moment ever?

Any time no one shows up. Excrutiating.

What do you like on your pizza?

Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, green pepper and onion. Yum! I also like a chicken-bacon-artichoke one from Papa Murphy’s.

Favorite color?

Green of pretty much any shade.

Best ice cream flavor?

Dark chocolate (see above). But salted caramel vanilla is amazing too!

Do you have any weird hobbies that might surprise people?

I sand and finish ducks for my husband ( I find it calming.

Did you always want to be a writer?

I didn’t set out to be a writer, when I was young. I just always liked it. So…uh, maybe? 

Any rituals while writing?

I usually need to be at my special chair at the library, with my water nearby and headphones on, listening to soundtrack music. If anyone is in my chair, I sit near them and make them uncomfortable until they leave!

How do you reward yourself when you finish writing a book?

Take-out Chinese. Every time.

Someplace you’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t?

Err, a better question is where do I NOT want to go. Top draws at the moment—Bora Bora, Hawaii, Switzerland, and the entire West Coast of Italy.

Favorite place to visit?


Afraid of spiders?

*shivers* YES! I just had a creepy dream about one last night, in fact! It was this huge mama, about as big as my hand, getting ready to lay her spider eggs! Eww!

Do you have any words that trip you up every time you try to spell them?

Rhythm. Hors d’eouvers. Did I spell those right? 

Grammar guru or hate keeping track of it? 

Most of it is instinct. I still get tripped up on lay/lie. That said, my kids call us the grammar police.

Music while writing or no?

Absolutely. Soundtracks. No lyrics, though. I start singing rather than staying with my own words.

Favorite piece of clothing? 

Anything with an elastic waist.

Thank you Lisa!

Now, here are some important details on things you’ll want to know.

1: Remnants is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-a-Million. Do not wait – buy it now. Trust me! 

2: Lisa’s giving away a Kindle Fire HDX or an iPod Touch at her site. Here’s your clue and the link to the giveaway. 


Collect all the clues and fill out Lisa’s Rafflecopter form on her launch tour post at at the end of April and you could win either a Kindle Fire HDX ($229) or iPod Touch ($229)

Finally, Lisa wants to know:


Comment below and let Lisa know! 🙂