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Book Review: God is Able by Priscilla Shirer

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God is Able by Priscilla Shirer
Genre: Nonfiction
Publisher: B&H Books
Published Date: September 3, 2013

Have you ever had a bad day? Maybe you’ve experienced some sort of failure in your life and wondered if God had abandoned you. If you haven’t, I have two things to say to you. One is that you are blessed and be thankful. The other is that you shouldn’t assume you’re golden in that realm. Everyone has them at some point.

Okay, sermonette over. Back to the review.

I’ve had those days. In fact I’ve had entire years of them and I can tell you, they are not easy to handle. Sometimes it’s actually possible to believe that God hasn’t just abandoned you, but that He’s forgotten you exist. But as Priscilla Shirer explains, it’s impossible for God to fail. Or forget us. God is able to meet whatever need is in your life. And more than that, God can go ‘beyond’ your way beyond. Let me explain that a little better.

Priscilla shares some very personal experiences with the readers (and really lets her bubbly personality shine while she does it too!) and shows us how we have a boundary in our lives and sometimes there’s a ‘way past.’ In parenting we set boundaries and have expectations that they will be met at a bare minimum standard. God is able (and often does) go beyond those standards. He is able.

If you have those days in your life that are tough, or you wonder if God has forgotten who you are, this is a book that will help you through those struggles. Have a friend going through something? This is a perfect gift. With wit, honesty, grace and humor, Shirer meets us where WE are and shows us how to reach out and take hold of the blessings and the power that God has available to us.

I loved this book. It felt like Priscilla and I were friends and she was sharing this wisdom with me over tea! More than that, it resonated with me in a spiritual way. God doesn’t want us to ever feel abandoned or forsaken. That’s what satan tries to do to each of us. God wants to be our Heavenly Father and as such, we  need to remember that His love goes way past our boundaries.

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