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Behind the Scenes vs. Highlight Reel…How Do You Compare?

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” Proverbs 16:3

od6tAKSThis week I posted an article about the dangers of comparison marketing. When you’re looking at someone else’s company or marketing plan and trying to replicate what they’ve done, it will only create frustration. Their plan isn’t yours and it’s not designed for your business.

I experience this more often on a personal level. Women in particular, tend to look at other people and compare their lives to others. I know many women who are extremely candid when they do this. Walking into a room or a situation, often women will ‘size up’ the rest of the women in the room and slot themselves in wherever they feel that they fit. This could be with regard to money, fashion, body image or perceived success.

Nowhere is this more obvious than on Facebook or in social media. A friend recently dropped me from Facebook as her friend. I happen to be ‘real life’ friends with her so when we were together, I asked if I’d done something wrong. She told me she’d become frustrated with watching people post their ‘best’ things every day when she knew that they were struggling in their personal lives, but refused to share that.

I told her that it’s “Behind the Scenes vs Highlight Reels.” In case you don’t know, actors have highlight reels. This is an edited video of all of their best scenes. It shows off their highest talents and is used to show directors, producers and casting agents what their range is. They don’t put bad acting or less than stellar work in their reels.

When you look at Facebook, it’s easy to look around and compare your lives with other people. But let me tell you – most of those people aren’t putting their ‘all’ on Facebook. They’re using it as their highlight reel. They’re putting their best foot forward. I know that for me, I like to be the ‘positive’ in someone else’s day, so I do tend to put more upbeat thoughts out there. But I don’t hold back when I need prayer or support. I do let people know what’s happening. Looking around your house at your life doesn’t show your highlight reel. It shows your reality. That’s not what they’re putting on Facebook. So don’t compare your behind the scenes with their highlight reel!

Comparison will never, ever get you ahead or make your life better. You’re not on their journey. You’re on your own. When you compare your life to someone else’s and you find it lacking, you’re telling God that where HE has put you is not good enough. You want what someone else has. God’s provision has not been enough for you.

This is coveting and it’s addressed in the Ten Commandments. God warns us against it. Don’t put your eyes on someone else’s home, wealth, job, family or status – put your eyes on Him. That is the only way that you will ever find peace – and more than that, success. God has you on this path, in this place, for this time. Looking anywhere else will take you away from that path.