What Does Your Spirit Say About It?

nxwVPLARecently a friend of mine posted a question through social media asking Christians whether or not they ‘celebrate’ Halloween. The answers came fast, furious, and with a little more bite than I think she was expecting.  There was a good range of answers from just yes to not even a chance and everything in between.

What surprised me most was a comment that she made within the discussion. She said that she couldn’t find any biblical references to Halloween in particular, but it just ‘felt wrong’ so she wondered. That piqued my interest. To me, the answer of what she should do was pretty plain in that comment. It felt wrong.

In the past, I’ve had people come to me seeking advice about books, films, music…even clothes. I’m pretty open with my opinions so I don’t mind sharing. But I almost always challenge those people in return. What does your spirit say about it? My friend has a check in her spirit about Halloween. At that point, I’d encourage her to seek the Lord’s guidance in it. He won’t hide His wisdom from you. If there’s a check in your spirit, it’s easier to yield and submit to that check (even when it’s hard) than it is to dig your way out of a potential pit later. I’d much rather have God give me that gentle nudge (a check in my spirit) and yield to it than than to go down a path and get into bigger trouble later. I guarantee that if you ignore or bypass God’s nudge (thank you Nancy Rue for that term!) that you’re going to need far more than a nudge to get turned back in the right direction. And trust me, He’ll oblige in that. But it won’t be a nudge. It will be a shove. And if you ignore that…well, that’s when things will get really rough.

So if you have something in your life that God’s nudging you to change, give it some prayer time. Look it up in His word. But don’t dismiss it if your friends are all doing it or if you can’t find a specific verse on it. He may be guiding you to lead the charge on things. You won’t know if you ignore it. Give Him your time. Your effort. Your submission. He’ll show you what needs to be done and He’ll give you the tools or the strength to do it too.

So, out of curiosity, do you ‘celebrate’ Halloween?