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Starting New Ventures

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found it exciting to start on a new path. New projects get tackled with much enthusiasm around here.

This site isn’t so much a new project as it is a consolidation of many projects. Right now I have a lot of spinning plates. I own a marketing company that represents a variety of clients. (I like to tell people that I represent the pretty and the talented in no particular order!) The jobs that I have through this company could be anything from running social media for people to writing content for their website or just giving them ideas for marketing their companies.

I also own and manage two book review websites, am on the Board of Directors at Christian Work at Home Ministries and I home school three kids.

It’s a lot. I know. Because of that, my internet presence has been scattered hither and yon across the great and vast plains of the web. I thought it was about time that my ventures culminate in one place. Hence, this blog.

So welcome to the chaos. Read, enjoy, laugh (don’t point though – it’s rude) and hopefully you can get something good from it!