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Road Trips, Childhood Memories and a New Movie….

A new movie that came out yesterday (May 15th!) on iTunes, Amazon and showing in various theaters across the country via Tugg, promises fun, childhood adventure and joy to audiences. Called a “modern-day tale of hope, faith and courage based on stories from the Bible” Beyond the Sun is the first movie to ever feature a guest appearance by the Pope himself! Seriously Pope Francis is in this film!

Here’s the trailer:

Since the film is about childhood adventures, I thought I’d share one that isn’t necessarily from my childhood – but that of my kids. Last year, I took my three teenagers on a road trip across the country. Just me and the three of them. I was the only driver as we made our way from Texas back to my home state of Pennsylvania. Initially, the kids were excited but hesitant. Not having been on a trip with JUST mom, they were admittedly a little worried that we’d be able to pull this trip off without any hitches.

By the time we reached the other side of Arkansas though, they let go of their worries and started REALLY enjoying the fact that we were on the road and seeing different places. I had timed the trip so that we would be traveling just as everything started changing for fall. Having spent the majority of their lives in Texas, my kids really didn’t understand the idea of Autumn. Every year as I tried valiantly to bring some semblance of Autumn into my house, the kids really didn’t understand the concept. Apples are harvested in Texas in June/July. And (total Eastern girl thing) the apples DON’T SMELL! The horror! When you walk into a grocery store in Pennsylvania at any time in September/October, the entire produce department smells like an orchard. My kids never got that.

So this trip was something huge for my kids and I. Though it wasn’t my childhood adventure, I loved sharing MY childhood with them and having them embrace it fully. (Go Steelers! Pittsburgh! Autumn! Apples! Cider!) They may still live in Texas, but as one of my kids explained, “Pennsylvania crude oil runs through my veins and Pennsylvania steel is in my bones.”

Now back to Beyond the Sun. They have a fabulous contest going on right now. If you have ever wanted to visit Italy and The Vatican, here’s your chance. For details and to enter the contest please visit:


BEYOND THE SUN is available for purchase across multiple platforms including iTunes, Amazon, and TUGG now.