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Review: When Falcons Fall: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery

51AGfm4tMaLTitle: When Falcons Fall: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery
Author: C.S. Harris
Genre: historical, mystery, suspense
Publisher: NAL
Date: March 1, 2016

When we last left Sebastian St. Cyr, he had just solved a murder.  That’s not surprising since they seem to follow him around, but he had also just discovered that he isn’t quite as alone in the world as he thought he was. Unfortunately, shortly after learning about this new relative (someone who looks eerily like he does) that same relative became a victim of murder.  Pretty horrifying tale.

In this outing, St. Cyr, (Viscount Devlin) has made a trip to a small, sleepy village to meet his aforementioned (now deceased) relative’s family. Yes, that’s a sentence that can give you pause when reading it. You should try writing it!  Unfortunately, his arrival coincides with the shocking death of a young woman. See, I told you that death seems to follow him around. The local government, unused to these things, enlists his aid in solving the mystery.

Though many in the region believe that the young woman’s death must have been suicide, Sebastian quickly uncovers details that prove it wasn’t nearly that simple. As he works his way through more and more information without getting any closer to the truth, his frustration level grows. Even learning more about his relative and getting closer to his own family mystery doesn’t help soothe the anxiety over not solving the murder of the young woman. So when another body shows up, things get even more stressful!

With achingly beautiful descriptions, fast moving plotlines, and unforgettable characters, the Sebastian St. Cyr series is fast becoming one of my favorite must reads. This is the second book I’ve read by C.S. Harris and both times I’ve been fully engaged with the characters, the story, and at the end, I was ready to learn more. Full of vivid descriptions and characters with settings I wish I could see in person, these stories are a delightful escape from the modern stresses.

The twists and turns in this plot were unexpected and took the story in directions that kept it fresher than the average whodunit. Until a few years ago, I never pictures myself as a mystery fan, but these books have opened my eyes to the fun that can be a puzzle just waiting to be pieced together.

This was a great read that kept me involved from beginning to end. I am excited to watch Sebastian’s story continue to unfold and see what sort of revelations come in future books!