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Review: Remnants: Season of Glory by Lisa T. Bergren

51Q4CUhz+PLRemnants: Season of Glory by Lisa Tawn Bergren
Genre: YA, Christian, Dystopian
Publisher: Blink
Date: March 8, 2016

Andriana and the other Remnants are in the fiercest battle they’ve ever imagined and they understand that more than just their own lives hang in the balance. Pacifica is growing more and more unrestful and things are coming to a boiling point. It’s a frightening time. The Remnants know that the Maker will help them fulfill their purpose, but what sort of danger will come along the way? In battles, no one is guaranteed to get out alive.

One of the biggest questions that is plaguing the group is whether Keallach can be trusted. It’s entirely possible that he might be part of a ruse or a trap that could endanger the lives of all of the Remnants. Even Andriana, with her knowledge of people’s feelings, can’t tell for sure where his heart lies. However, she believes that they truly need to give him a chance. Her Knight, Ronan, isn’t so sure. Even if Keallach’s intentions toward the Remnants are pure, Ronan knows that Keallach wants Andriana’s heart and affections as well. As you can imagine, this doesn’t go over very well and creates an entirely new level of anxiety in the midst of battle.

This final chapter in the Remnants series is just as big, bold, and beautiful as you would hope it would be. It does not disappoint in the least and, even though the ending is tied up quite neatly, you’re still left with a longing for more.

The plot is fast moving – so much so that it’s sometimes breathtaking. There were several places where so much unfolded that was key to the plotline, that I’d have to go back and re-read to catch it all.  A few times, I got over excited about where the story was going and I’d miss some things. It takes a lot for me to be so engaged in a story that I can’t wait to turn the next page. And it takes even more for me to be so excited I skip over important plot points and have to go back!

The great thing about the characters is that they are ideal enough to be held up as examples to others in the book, but Lisa doesn’t make them perfect. There’s no Mary Sue here. They have an ‘inside line’ to the Maker, and yet they still stumble, struggle, and sometimes fall. The way they have to work through their issues is hard to experience, but it’s real. No matter where each of us may be in our walk, we all still have things we need to learn and overcome. Bergren’s characters help each of us identify with those journeys.

I am a huge fan of Lisa’s writing. She’s one of my favorite authors and no matter what, I’ll always follow what she brings to life through her writing. I am so thankful to say that Lisa’s work hasn’t ever disappointed. I may have lofty expectations when I pick up one of her books, but she meets those and, on several occasions, has exceeded them to the point that they reset the bar. If you haven’t yet experienced one of Lisa’s tales, the Remnants series is a beautiful place to start!