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Review: Paladins by Matthew Christian Harding

Paladins, by Matthew Christian Harding Paladins: Book 2 of the Peleg Chronicles, by Matthew Christian Harding
Reviewed by: Lori Twichell
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Publisher: Zoe & Sozo Publishing
Publication Date: 5/3/2010

With Paladins, we once again find ourselves in the company of Lord McDougal, Fergus Leatherhead, Gimcrack the Dwarf, Thiery and Suzie, the delightful little girl who entrances them all with her pure heart, precious songs and praise for the One True God.

This time, our intrepid heroes are out and about when the Death Hunt begins. And yes, that’s as frightening as it sounds. Thiery must find his way through a new culture, Gimcrack and Suzie need to pull a household together, and Fergus Leatherhead has been put in charge of the beautiful Lady Mercy.

It’s a wild adventure once again with slave traders, death priests, Oded the giant and evil threatening harm at nearly every turn.

Once again, Matthew Christian Harding has immersed us in a world of fantasy with no enchantments or wizardry, no evolution or humanistic theory but jam packed with adventure, intrigue and, in nearly every word, God’s love and grace.   With astounding perception and detail, Harding carries the reader through a world that’s as full of fantasy as it is reality. With beautiful dialogue, characters and plot twists reminiscent of the best tales of C.S. Lewis, as I was reading I was envious of Harding’s talent for writing. The story he has crafted – the world he has created – is so enjoyable it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t something fully experienced and recorded for posterity.

Again, I find myself wanting to shout from the rooftops that these books are perfect for any family and are a reading adventure that should not be missed. If you love fantasy, adventure, historicals, intrigue or just brilliant storytelling, you should give this series a try. If you homeschool, reading these books together with your children is a fantastic literature or Bible addition to your curriculum. And if you don’t homeschool, reading them together is a wonderful evening activity for the whole family.

Rated PG: This is an extremely entertaining series written in such a way that anyone of any age could enjoy it. I only made it PG because a few things might be over the heads of very young readers. I’d recommend it for any family!

Review copy provided by the author. Thank you!