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Review: Food, Faith & Fun: A Faithgirlz Cookbook

Food, Faith & Fun A Faithgirlz CookbookFood, Faith & Fun: A Faithgirlz Cookbook by Various Authors
Reviewed by Lori Twichell
Genre: YA Cookbook
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Publication Date: 10/9/2012

Food, Faith and Fun: A Faithgirlz Cookbook intrigued me from the second I read the description in my inbox. I have two daughters. One is a tween and one is a freshly minted teen – and both of them love to cook and spend time in the kitchen. So a cookbook that would appeal to all of us is a no-brainer and it didn’t take me long to get in touch with the publicist and say that we’d love to review it!

I was delighted to see the bright cheery graphics when we got the book. The girls couldn’t stop oohing and aaahing as we flipped through the pages to pick out good recipes. Everything looked fabulous and it really excited my daughters to get into the kitchen.

Though I initially had to stop them from making EVERY recipe in the book (I have no doubt we will have done them all very soon.) we decided on a few good recipes with a good cross section of the whole book.

There are chapters for munchies, drinks, salads, main courses, sweets and holidays in here as well as some good reading for young girls about the cookbook and cooking tips. I love the Bible verses scattered throughout the book and the tips and hints for why we should eat better and how we can enjoy cooking.

The recipes we did were simple, easy to follow, and didn’t have a lot of ingredients we don’t usually keep on hand. The girls were able to follow the instructions with minimal advice from me. I loved that this seemed to be ‘their’ cookbook and how much it excited them to make their choices, plan meals and work together on how to make the various dishes.

This is a great cookbook and I think it would be a perfect gift for any young girl who is just beginning to enjoy cooking or baking. Along with being encouraging about working in the kitchen, Food, Faith & Fun also gives good Biblical insight into how to be a young woman of God.
Two thumbs WAY up on this book!

Rated G: Not a thing to worry about in here!!

Review copy provided by the publicist. Thank you, Candace!