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Review: Memory’s Door by James Rubart

Genre: Adventure, Suspense, Thrillers

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Publication Date: August 2013

Reviewed by Lori Twichell

The Warriors Riding are on a mission. They battle the supernatural in ways that many would never imagine. From actually entering another person’s soul to heal their wounds (I know, right?!) to meeting demons and angels in their every day activities, these people truly are warriors of a new kind.

So once you’ve learned how to take the battle from the natural into the supernatural, what could possibly come next? Even more than your brain can comprehend. Trust me. Let’s see where we left our friends at the end of Soul’s Gate. (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THAT ONE!)

Reece is working hard to overcome the loss of his vision, Dana is trying to figure out next steps at work, Brandon is struggling with his feelings for Dana, and Marcus is still bearing the burden of the loss of his son. More than that, they are all keenly aware of the fact that they are on the frontlines of a massive spiritual battle. So when strange things start happening in each of their lives, none of them is really surprised. But what do you do when you’re slipping in and out of alternate realities or have a stalker that no one can seem to actually catch?

In this second book of the Wellspring series, Rubart digs deeper into what honest to goodness spiritual battle might look like. For those who had their imaginations stretched to a dangerous point in the first book, you might want to hold on tight during this ride. There’s more in this one. A lot more. And it hits right where most of us struggle every day: the idea of religion vs. relationship.

Wow. I was stunned when I read the first book and I thought I had some idea what to expect from this one. Nope. Stunned me again. With incredible insight Rubart doesn’t shy away from the hard topics. He pushes through subjects, ideas and concerns that I’m sure he’s heard about since the release of his first book. He deftly tackles these ideas and wrestles them to the ground with biblical backing.

If you want a supernatural read that will challenge your beliefs, this one’s perfect for your reading list! Hey James, when’s the next one coming out??

Audra at Litfuse Publicity – thank you!