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Review: Beneath the Forsaken City by C.E. Laureano

20338654Beneath the Forsaken City by C.E. Laureano
Genre : Fantasy
Publisher: NavPress
Date: January 16, 2015

War is rumbling on the horizon. It threatens to choke the very existence of the entire kingdom. Conor and Aine are doing what they can to enjoy their time together before everything breaks. Unfortunately, this isn’t nearly as much time as they imagined, since they are separated by a terrible storm. No, for someone who is a shipper (enjoys relationships) like me, I’ll tell you that this is not pretty.

For Eoghan, the young man destined to be the leader of the Firein, things are no less difficult. He’s got to return to his beloved city even though he was disobedient when he left. He’s headed back to consequences, punishment, and an unknown future, but still he goes.

It’s hard for me to give a good summary of the book without revealing twists, turns, and secrets throughout. I mean this book is packed with the unexpected, but in the best way possible. When I was reading the first book, (Oath of the Brotherhood) I remember being highly impressed with the universe that she created. This time around, she’s added more details, woven richer backstories, and given everything a more vibrant tone and texture. The plot moves along quickly and honestly, there were moments that I yelled out loud at this book, stunned that the author ‘went there.’ A couple of times, I was absolutely blown away by the surprising direction taken.  Completely unexpected, but in the best way possible.

Sometimes when you’re reading a book, it inspires you to think that you could write something similar. Ideas come and you’re inspired. But sometimes, when you’re reading, the work is so beautiful and brilliant, that you know there’s no way you could even put a toe in the same pool as the author. That’s what you feel as you read these books. Laureano’s exceptional style and storytelling take you to a new world completely and fully. I was so immersed in this story that I had a hard time coming out of it to do other things! It reads like a film unfolding in your mind. Images, places, characters – they all truly come to life as you read. This series is not your typical fantasy. It belongs on a shelf with the greats.

For those who enjoy rich fantasy and adventure, this book is definitely for you.