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Why I Younique

I’m totally not a sales person. I’m pretty sure I heard a bunch of you laughing there. I mean  I own a PR/Marketing company and I’m telling you I’m  not a sales person? Yeah, really. Stick with me here for a second. (Any one of the poor people who have excitedly watched me sign up to sell things like Thirty One, Mary Kay, etc can verify the truth of this statement.) When it comes to actual sales, I am a sad, sorry disappointment. LOL!

However, I usually sign up for these ventures because I absolutely love the product, what they represent, or seriously – I just want the stuff they offer when you sign up. Because I own that marketing company mentioned earlier, I’m just honestly not going to be that person who pushes enough to make sales a viable revenue source.

Younique is something that I really believe in though. So I thought I’d spend a little time here and tell you why I love it.

I have never been a girly girl. I love my earrings and some of my bling but for the most part, I’m the “slap my face on a few minutes before I go out the door” person. I’ve never really worn foundation regularly or done a lot. Big makeup for me was concealer (I have horrible dark everything around my eyes) and maybe lip gloss. Some blush. That was it. And my buying practices honestly consisted of hitting the makeup aisle at the grocery store and putting the nicest cheap makeup into the cart that I could pull off. I mean I didn’t want to look like Pennywise the Clown from IT but I wasn’t gonna spend a fortune on getting the highest quality stuff. I just never found it to be really worth it.

Then I got sick (Yeah, I know you’ve been hearing a lot about the cancer lately – sorry. But to be fair I’ve been pretty mum on it for quite a while!) and honestly everything changed. Post radiation treatments, the bottom half of my face looked about ten years older than the top half. Everything was focused on my jaw/chin area. My face was even TWO DIFFERENT  COLORS! Seriously – it was about a shade or more darker from just below my nose down over my neck and into my shoulders because of the radiation treatments. That makes sense – they are pretty  much all of your lifetime’s sun exposure spread out over a few minutes every day. So the chick who did essentially no make up whatsoever had to suddenly reconcile a different looking person in the mirror and figure out how to do that.

Enter my friend Tish. 🙂 Tish is one of those folks in my life that has always allowed me to just be real. She was one of the first people I called when I got my diagnosis. She gets it because she was there too. She’s fought cancer and come out on the other side. So she gets it when people say stupid  things (I’m sorry – they really do) or when you just don’t  know exactly who you are after all that cancer battle. She told me about Younique.

I hit her up with all of my very weird questions. Do I do darker foundation all up my face and paint it on the top? Or should I go a shade lighter and try to lighten up the bottom? Do you have a foundation that can  help with the wrinkles I only have on my chin?? She helped give me answers and even gifted me some of the products just so I could try them without buying. Cause I’m not gonna lie. For that chick who tossed cardboard covered packages into the cart with the hotdogs and ketchup, Younique was out of my budget. It made no sense for me to even try it if it was out of my league. But I tried it. And I loved it. And then I did a little more research and realized it’s also skipping a lot of chemicals the others stick in there. I was hooked.

Here are the things that set  it apart. I live in South Texas. Do you know what that means? Our seasons are sweat, soaking sweat, and perspire cutely. That’s about it. I have never, in my life, found a makeup that didn’t just melt completely away in the Texas heat. I found that with the foundation and concealer, I didn’t have to check it constantly. It was still there. My first real test of this? I got my brand new liquid foundation the morning I went to a funeral for someone who had passed away very suddenly. I sobbed my way through that morning, sure that I looked like a raccoon, but hey – I didn’t. My husband even said I looked as good as I did when we’d left the house. That NEVER HAPPENS.


This past weekend, my daughter asked why I liked Younique and I took her upstairs to my bathroom and went through each thing one at a time. (I may blog about these things later with my own pictures, but right now, I just want to get this info out there.) I showed her on my hand that I could put on the foundation and RUN MY HAND UNDER THE FAUCET and the water just beaded up on it. That foundation and concealer is NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Best part? TWO DROPS of the liquid foundation. Seriously – it comes with a dropper and two drops works my whole face.  They call it photoshop in a bottle and I’ve found that to be the case. The answer to the previous question earlier (darker or lighter foundation to deal with two skin tones) was that I use a little of both shades and sort of blend it all in the middle.

I also need to give a shoutout to the concealer. My eyes are pretty…not pretty without makeup. My father and mother both gifted me with dark circles and bags that started when I was like 8. I’ve heard it my whole life. “Are you tired? Are you sick? Are you exhausted? Are you okay?” I just grew up frustrated because I could never find anything that actually covered the circles. Most of the concealers I found would just make them a really odd color that didn’t match the rest of my face. But this concealer is AMAZING. I’ve seen people cover tattoos with it. My dark circles are GONE with this stuff. GONE. And with the tiniest amount (similar to the foundation). I use this concealer DAILY and it has lasted me around 6 months. I’m willing to pay for that kind of quality and coverage – but it lasts forever too? Awesome.

Not my picture – but I WILL verify that it works this well!!!!


Here's another. Again, not my picture but I get this sort of coverage with it. I promise!
Here’s another. Again, not my picture but I get this sort of coverage with it. I promise!

I have found the same quality with the lip stains, lip glosses and eye shadows. Speaking of which – those dark circles around my eyes have always made me shy away from any type of eye shadow. I stick with a little swipe of color to make sure they don’t fade away into the rest of my face, but these eye shadows pop SO PRETTY and they last too.

Not my pic - I WISH my eyes looked this good. But when you put on the colors, they DO look this great! LOL!
Not my pic – I WISH my eyes looked this good. But when you put on the colors, they DO look this great! LOL!


I mean like I use the tiniest amount – this stuff will last me forever. So the price isn’t as offputting for me now when I realize I could do this, or I could keep buying the cheap stuff every month or two. That’s a no brainer.

So for me, I’ve become a reformed bargain make up shopper. I love Younique and everything that I’ve tried has been amazing. If you are looking for a new make up regimen, have questions, or are intrigued, find something and just give it a try. I’m sure you’ll find it amazing.

You can email me if you want more info OR you can visit my website (cause seriously – it  would be just irresponsible for me to do this whole post about how much I love it and then not tell you where to find it…right? Seriously – if you visit the site and pick something up – thank you. But if not, I just wanted to let people know why I like it so much. ) for more info. I have a party open now – ANYONE can shop as part of that party. Click here to go directly to the open party. So go check it out!

Oh and one more thing – Younique gives back. Their current customer kudo (special) is going to raise awareness and assist in the healing from sexual abuse. You’ve got to love that. 🙂