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Not your typical Damsel….

I hate selling things. I really, really do. Most people think that marketing and publicity are all sales, but they really aren’t. Marketing is about a message and a brand and it hopefully HELPS sales, but it’s definitely not sales. Talking people into spending money on something is one of my least favorite things to do.

Over the holidays, I came across a company that snagged my attention. Damsel in Defense. Don’t you  just LOVE that name? As someone who has worked extensively in human trafficking, I was instantly engaged. When I went to the page and saw the products, I was even further drawn in. Their marketing was on point for me.

Now again, I hate selling things.  You can ask any of the people I’ve signed up under for Thirty-One, Younique, Mary Kay….yeah. I’ve been there. Just not interested in selling at all. I hate trying to explain to people why they need to spend their hard earned cash on  the stuff I’m hawking. So my immediate thought was to talk to my 17 year old about HER doing the selling. She loved the Damsel in Defense message and she was excited to talk to people about it. So we met with a rep.

Now here’s where things might get a little stick. I’m married to a man who spent more than 20 years training various members of the military, special forces, FBI, CIA and police departments on security. So he takes personal security VERY seriously. And I’ll be honest, history hasn’t always been kind to products for women. A lot of times, my husband has found that products men traditionally use are just painted pretty or blinged out – but they aren’t necessarily REALLY geared toward women. They are just painted pink and cost more! So when we met with the rep, we had a LOT of questions and we had no intention of letting her off easy.  My husband joined me fully intending to throw some major pressure on this product.

All of our fears were put pretty much instantly to rest. More than that, we were impressed. Even my super critical husband. The thing is, each and every product  is exceptionally well thought out. Minor little details took a product you could normally pick up at your local sporting goods department and elevated it to a higher level. But the price was competitive with that lower quality over the counter stuff.

Let me give you a couple of quick examples. The pepper spray. Everyone knows what that is. And yeah, you can take it and package it up all cute and blingy for women. But that’s not what Damsel did. They really took it to a new level. Check out this video (less than a minute) that explains what sets it apart:

I’ll be honest – it almost feels like this company was custom made for me. Seriously. In finding graphics and info  to use from the company, I’ve found official documents that give many safety tips I have been sharing with people for years.

And you know my passion for trafficking? Well, Damsel has the same passion. Check it out.

So yeah, if you’re still reading, you can guess where this is going. I signed up. I am now a Damsel in Defense Independent Pro and I am super excited. One of the  things I love is that when someone decides to have a party, they’re going to leave more educated about their safety and security. Even if they buy nothing – they’ve learned something! I LOVE THAT.

And if I can help keep ONE PERSON safer with these products, then that means the world to me.

I promise you’re not going to suddenly get a lot of sales things here on my page. I’m still a writer full time. I just get to help keep people safe too.

If you have any questions, drop me a line at sheisdefended@gmailcom. If you want to check out the website and learn more, here it is.