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Book Review: Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore

Whispers of Hope by Beth Moorewhispersofhope
Genre: Devotional
Publisher: B&H Books
Publication Date: September 29, 2013

The Bible says that we are supposed to pray without ceasing. How do you do that?  I mean aren’t we busy enough without adding that level of guilt into our lives? From bestselling author Beth Moore, Whispers of Hope is a ten week devotional that will help guide you and teach you how to become a prayer warrior.

With daily guides, activities, and a journaling space directly in the book, it would be difficult not to follow Moore on this incredible journey. Every day has a scripture reading and a lesson that follows along with it. If you’ve ever been in a Beth Moore Bible study, you know that this woman is overflowing with not only wisdom, but grace as well. It flows through this book every day!

Once you’ve read these scriptures, there are journal spaces for you to record your prayers – or at least bullet points about your prayers. What are you thankful for? What are your concerns? Repentance. Praise. Intercession. Equipping. Beth Moore takes you, every day, through the things you are supposed to be focused on in prayer.

Like anything that you practice in life, you will get better. Shortly into the book, you’ll begin to see that it’s easier to look at the world in this godly, prayer minded way. You’ll see things in a new and different light and your prayers will grow stronger. (Who doesn’t love that?)

Moore’s book is more than just something you read. It’s something you do. You learn. It’s putting God’s word and His thoughts into action on a daily basis.

If you’ve been looking to super charge your prayer life, this is it! Grab a copy of this book and get ready to move to the next level in your prayer life and your spiritual journey!

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!