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Book Review: Stealing Adda by Tamara Leigh

Genre: Chicklit, Romance

Publisher: NavPress

Publication Date: May 2012

Adda Sinclaire is brilliant. At least that’s what her fans think. She’s a NY Times Bestselling author and she understands romance. Unfortunately her life doesn’t show that. Her husband left her for another woman – and worse than that, it was her chief rival in publishing! Nicknamed Stick Woman, Adda cannot stand the woman and will do just about anything to one up her whenever she can.

When Adda develops a nasty case of writer’s block, she’s in danger of missing deadlines and needing to extend further than she ever has before. She just doesn’t know what to do! So when someone suggests that she revive a previously unpublished novel that she’s got stuck in her drawer (who doesn’t have one of those, right?), she decides that this may be the best path to take.

And soon, things begin to get better. She’s on the precipice of a great new career move that will put her steps ahead of Stick Woman and there’s even this gorgeous man that’s entered her life. It seems like everything might be in excellent position. But, as with books stacked haphazardly in a pile, it’s not long before things start to tumble.

When I started reading this book, it didn’t strike me as one that I wouldn’t want to put down. I figured it was a typical romance. Little did I know that I would connect with Adda on what felt like a visceral level and find myself unable to stop reading until I knew what would happen next. This adventure reminded me a bit of the famous Shopaholic series from Sophie Kinsella. With quirky characters, completely believable situations and just enough embarrassment to make your face turn red when you’re reading, Leigh engages the reader the way great chick lit and romance should be.

I found myself laughing at the messes that Adda tumbled into at the same time I was thinking that if she was real, we’d totally be friends. I loved this book and can’t wait to see what else Tamara Leigh has out there! This was, without a doubt, a great read that kept me up giggling in the dark (e-reader) way into the wee hours of the morning. I was somewhat disappointed when it ended. I wanted more!

Review copy provided by author.