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Book Review: Paige Torn

Reviewed by: Lori Twichell
Genre: Chick lit
Publisher: Th1nk: Imprint of NavPress
Publication Date: May 2013

Paige Alder is busy. Like really super duper busy. Her work schedule is crammed with tasks, her best friend is getting married and throwing a huge anniversary party for her parents, she’s the girl’s youth leader at church and she’s volunteered to help several people at church with what they have going on as well. We’re talking big time issues. The busy schedule is wreaking havoc with her finances because really – providing meals for ailing people or crafts for special events doesn’t always include reimbursement. Her health is sliding downhill because she literally does not have time to eat. Candy bars, potato chips and coffee are the only things she can grab as she runs from place to place. But the biggest impact is coming personally. As someone who needs alone time to recharge, her inability to say no is really beginning to drain everything that keeps her going.

When Paige meets Tyler, the new youth leader at church, she doesn’t even have time to think about anything – let alone a relationship. Will he be able to help her straighten out her priorities, her schedule, and get her back on track?

Erynn Mangum is one of my favorites. I happily own all of her books, and have just reached a point when my 14-year-old daughter is starting to read, and I know that I can hand over an Erynn-book without worrying what’s in it. (Come on – we all know that not all Christian books can claim that these days!) This book is no different. Delightful, realistic, fun and engaging, Paige Torn is a fabulous adventure into what can happen when you don’t set boundaries. This is a perfect anytime read that will give you the break the poor Paige needs!

With deft wit and hilarious references, Mangum has created another relatable character that we can’t help but love. It doesn’t take long to be cheering along with Paige when she has a victory and cringing through learning experiences as if they were our own.

This book is firmly settled on the shelf of favorites in our home and I am just as excited to dive into her next book, Paige Rewritten – coming this fall.

Rated G: Not a single thing to worry about in this one!

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!