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Surgical Updates: a.k.a. I actually have something to share!

431072_10151701273696457_888099066_nYou know I never intended to blog this entire journey, but the further I get into things, the more I’m realizing that this is one central location where I’ll be able to answer questions and really put lots of info out there with relative ease.  Bear with me while  I navigate this completely new way to keep everyone updated.

I know, I know. Go figure the professional writer/publicist is learning how to make my way through the personal blogosphere. But seriously, my job is to push all you famous, talented, and pretty people out in the spotlight. Being IN the spotlight is totally new for me!

So this morning I met with my surgeon. I can now call him that because I really liked him a lot. He had a sense of peace about him the moment he walked into the room and get this: he listened. Like really, truly, deeply listened to my concerns. And he answered all of my questions and more. For the past week, we’ve been thinking that a surgeon is like a hammer. Present him with a problem and he sees it like a nail. But that didn’t feel like the case here. He was genuinely concerned not only with treating my cancer, but with my quality of life after treatment. I loved that.

He did do a test that showed him that the back of my tongue and throat are clear and all looks good there, so that’s a big plus. He also believes that this is stage one – MAYBE the beginning of stage two. He was very optimistic about treatment, quality of life and my health in general.

So, that said, next Monday I’m scheduled to undergo another biopsy. It will be surgical and I will be under anesthesia (Thank goodness! Being awake during that last one was misery.) and this will give him the opportunity to do more in depth biopsies throughout the area and figure out what the  next steps need to be. That made me feel better because he’s not willing to just go in and cut out half of my tongue like the other doctor said – not unless it’s necessary.

The surgery will be first thing next Monday morning and it will be a few days after that before we find out specifics on pathology, etc. Once he knows that, he said he’ll recommend next steps and see how invasive surgery needs to be.

So that’s what I know at this point. Your continued prayers, notes and encouragements are a balm to my soul and a blessing to my life. Thank you all so much!

Oh and why the picture? Cause I hate posting blogs without pictures and I figure fuzzy, sleeping kittens are way better than just about anything else being discussed here! 🙂

Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed, O God,  you who are God my Savior,  and my tongue will sing of your righteousness.

Open my lips, Lord,  and my mouth will declare your praise. Psalm 51: 14-15