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Subscription Box Review: Harrison Blake Apparel

Hello everyone! Are you all still here? It’s been a bit quiet on my end of things and I apologize for that. For those who don’t know, I spent some time in the hospital at the beginning of February and ended up having two emergency surgeries. So that’s put me behind on a few things!

Thankfully I’m coming back around and digging out of that hole so you don’t need to worry that I’m going away anytime soon!

Unfortunately, a few things got behind while I was recovering and the review of this fabulous subscription box was one of them. So my deepest apologies to Harrison Blake Apparel  for being later on this review than I had planned! I am very thankful to them for not only the box, but being gracious during  my illness. Oh and make sure you stick around to the end of this review – I have a coupon code! 

Okay, so onto the review!

First, I have to say that this is the second box I’ve received from Harrison Blake and I have found both of them to be high quality products. My twelve year old son is just beginning to find his style and right now, it looks like Harrison Blake is going to be part of that shaping process. Each time we get one of these, my son is over the moon and digs in without hesitation. So I’m grateful to them for his burgeoning interest in men’s apparel!

Here’s what we got this time around:

Once again, each item was individually wrapped. I love this because it ensures the integrity of every one of them.

As before, an inventory of the box with the price list was also enclosed. 

In case you can’t read my blurry photography, there’s a winter beanie, a pocket square, a necktie, a tie bar and soapstone whiskey rocks.

Let’s start with the tie because out of this box, that’s my favorite item. When I first saw it, I figured it was similar to any other tie that I would see someplace.  It is a beautiful pattern that will go really nicely with pretty much any color. But what really caught my attention was when I pulled it out of the plastic wrapper. This tie is not only beautiful, but the fabric is heavy, soft and rich. It immediately went from “eh, it’s okay” to “Wow! This is really nice!” Again I must apologize for my photography skills. It doesn’t even come close to capturing the beauty of this tie. (Now you know why I write scripts for a living instead of being anywhere near a camera!)

The beanie was the first thing my twelve year old snagged out of the box. He was instantly wearing it and wouldn’t let anyone near it. Again, it was incredibly soft, well manufactured, and highly impressive! The quality of these products is definitely worth the $25 price of admission. I wasn’t surprised to see on the card that the tie alone retails for the same price as the whole box!

Another thing that I adore about this box is that everything works so well together. The tie and pocket square together will bring an outfit together for a special occasion or church. (The last box we received had matching tie, pocket square, etc…) Most of the men that I know aren’t really shoppers. My husband, for example, will take me with him and give me a general guideline, but for the most part, I’m the one pulling his outfit together for him. This has helped my son realize what things work together, so that when I do take him out, he is beginning to gain that knowledge of what works together and what doesn’t.

The neat thing about this box is that it works well for men who love the accessories and adding that extra touch to their wardrobe, but it also works for those who aren’t really into finding all the extras to bring the outfit together. So if you have a man in your life that loves men’s apparel, or one that doesn’t want to bother with the shopping – this box works for both!

Now because I’m late on this, I have no idea if this will still work, but I did receive a coupon code and IT IS AWESOME. Remember that I mentioned the cost of the box is $25? Well, if you use the code SEASON they will take $15 off of the box! That is an AMAZING offer – you can get your first box for $10!!!!! Now, if you put it in, and it doesn’t work, get in touch or comment here and I’ll beg the wonderful people at Harrison Blake Apparel to see if we can get some grace on that! And if this box isn’t your speed, you still might want to go check out their site – they even have a bow tie club! How cool is that?

Thank you again to Harrison Blake Apparel for reaching out to me and sending this box my way to try. Not only am I impressed with the box, but every interaction I’ve had with the company has been gracious, polite and generous. They’ve definitely created a fan in me!