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Review: Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin

download (1)Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin
Reviewed by Lori Twichell
Genre : Historical
Publisher: Revell
Date: August 4, 2015

Mary Stirling is beautiful, smart, and captivating. She also avoids the spotlight any chance she can get/ Her work at the Boston Naval yards just as the U.S. is gearing up to head into WWII keeps her busy. So when handsome Naval officer Jim Avery shows up, Mary is content to show the most popular boy from her high school class around, but she’s certainly not interested in anything more. And that’s okay because Jim, following in his family’s footsteps to join the military, isn’t interested in a girlfriend or anything of a romantic nature. He’s always been interested in vivacious, energetic and outgoing girls and that certainly doesn’t describe Mary Stirling!

When odd things start happening around the shipyard, and then again later on board Avery’s ship, their situations take a very different turn. Soon, Mary is in the middle of what could be a life threatening investigation of treason and sabotage. When Jim’s ship ends up being a target of the sabotage, he joins Mary in her investigation and as they uncover what could be a terrible plot against the U.S., both of them begin to uncover feelings they’d never imagined.

Sarah Sundin is a favorite author. Her World War II era novels are always a delight to read and this was no different. Though you can see some of the things from the very beginning of the book (who will end up with who) that doesn’t stop the enjoyment of watching it all unfold. This one, peppered with mystery, intrigue, and history, is far more than just a typical romance. The plot moves along quickly and you can learn more about the general tone and attitude of America at the time. I consider myself a history buff (I minored in it in college) and hadn’t heard of some of the things I read about in Through Waters Deep. It really helped me enjoy the story even further.

This was definitely a good one. For those interested in historical romance or the WW II era, you’ll want to add it to your reading list today!