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Review: Thomas Nelson’s Compact, Ultraslim Designer Bible

Thomas Nelson's Compact, Ultraslim Designer BibleHoly Bible (Designer, compact ultraslim)
Reviewed by: Lori Twichell
Genre: Bible
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: October 2, 2012

This ultra-compact version of the Holy Bible is definitely something to behold. Covered in butter soft light purple leather, it’s held closed with a lavender satin ribbon that wraps around a button that looks like a peppermint. The verse from I Timothy 4:12 about not letting anyone despise you in your youth, it’s obvious that this Bible targets tweens and teens.

Labeled as ultra-compact (so you know it’s slim and light) you would think that it would be bare bones scripture, but Thomas Nelson has packed an incredible amount of information into this Bible. I was shocked to discover not only a full concordance in the back, but full color maps labeled with relevant stories and scripture references as well. In the opening pages, you can find memo areas to record favorite scriptures, memories and even prayer requests and answers. I was also delighted to find, tucked in the back, a one year reading plan for the word as well.

For a small Bible, this one packs an incredible punch. I am blown away by the quality and forethought that went into the creation of this Bible. Easily a beautiful gift for any young girl, there’s no doubt that the team at Thomas Nelson who put this together worked hard to cover every avenue and detail.

Like the other leather covered Bibles I’ve reviewed, this one also has a lifetime guarantee. You can tell when you pick up these Bibles that they are solid and they should last a long time. Thomas Nelson stands behind that with their guarantee. (You can see it stamped on each box.)

Speaking of boxes, this one comes in a beautifully decorated cardboard box that can be used to store or even carry the Bible and keep it well protected.

I loved this little Bible and know that this would be a gorgeous gift for any tween or teen!


Rated PG-13: Bible. 😉

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!


This review originally appeared here at Radiant Lit.