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Review: Risk by Brock Eastman

Risk by Brock EastmanRisk by Brock Eastman
Reviewed by: Lori Twichell
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Publication Date: May 1, 2012

The Wikk kids are still wandering the galaxy alone after their parents were kidnapped by a group called the Ubel. As archaeologists, their parents know and understand many secrets that could hold the key to the rise and fall of several civilizations. This is why they were kidnapped. It’s also why the Wikk kids, Oliver, Tiffany, Mason and Austin, are now flying around the galaxy trying to follow clues (Indiana Jones style) to see where they might be able to either find what the Ubel are looking for or rescue their parents.

Previously the kids were frightened about the fate of their parents and stuck together –worried about separating their family unit any further. This time, having an older brother in charge is starting to wear on everyone. Oliver is tired of being the guy in charge, but he knows he needs to keep up with everyone as much as he can. Austin’s really over being told what to do and how to act. Tiffany and Mason are doing their best to be the glue to hold the family together and be peacemakers as much as possible.

Packed with adventure and excitement, this book takes the kids to new locations and fighting new enemies to find out what their parents know that’s so important. It’s a mystery wrapped in an adventure that’s kid friendly and still teaches great lessons about how to act. As the kids begin to peel back the layers and learn more about this lost civilization, more Biblical truths are revealed. We know what they are and we understand it, but the Wikk kids don’t. It’s a fun adventure to watch them puzzle out truths that we live with daily.

This book is long. I had a hard time getting through parts of it and it might be a push for kids to work through. With some encouragement, I think it’s worth the effort. I have hope that the payoff, when it finally does come at the end of the series, will be worth it as well. My kids love archaeology and Sci Fi. This is a great mix of both and it’s suitable for all ages. There are tense moments that could bother younger readers, but with parental guidance, it should all be good.

For the second book in the series, I enjoyed it. If you’ve got young readers that like Science Fiction blended with history or if this is something you enjoy, give it a try.

Rated PG: Some tense moments but other than that, all’s good!

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!