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Review: Revolve Devotional Bible

Revolve Devotional BibleRevolve Devotional Bible
Reviewed by: Lori Twichell
Genre: Bible
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: July 20, 2010

When I first started looking into reviewing Bibles, the Revolve Devotional Bible for teen girls jumped out at me. The cover is highly recognizable and utterly gorgeous. In chocolate brown tooled leather with a pink leather band around the center, this is a Bible that will stand up and make people take notice. Obviously I needed to know more about what else it contained and why it was so perfectly geared for teen girls. (This is what it said on the box, by the way.)

I opened the Bible and saw that the pages, the inserts and the devotions are color coordinated with the outside of the Bible. I think that helps significantly in this world of ‘small bites’ of information. No big white pages packed with tiny text here. Beautiful color insets, devotions and flourishes across the page add a nice touch.

Still, reading the actual text I realize that there was a lot more than just form put into this Bible. There’s a lot of function and forethought that went into this Bible. It has a devotion for every day of the year. I love that the devotions are right there in the word. As I was glancing through them, I was excited to see how this could make reading every day much easier. The devotions I found were relevant, timely and synced up well with the scriptures where they were placed.

The Bible also contains several full color inserts that delve deeper into issues that are relevant to teens. Things like God vs. Science, relationships, wisdom, trivia and virtue building are scattered throughout the word, giving girls more chances to tie the scriptures into their daily lives.

The end has a full concordance and dictionary to give even more opportunity for study and research.

As teens develop into deeper relationships with God, this Bible is a perfect companion. And it comes with a full lifetime guarantee from Thomas Nelson. (The leather version.) That means the investment you make into your teen’s future is guaranteed – both with the Bible itself and with the word of God.

I love this Bible so much that we’ve even ordered other copies for my daughter to give to unsaved friends. I cannot more highly recommend a Bible for teen girls than this one.


Rated PG-13: See earlier note on ratings for the Bible. 🙂


Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!

Note: This review originally appeared here at Radiant Lit.