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Review: Finding Fraser by K.C. Dyer

51f-doAp91LTitle: Finding Fraser
Author: K. C. Dyer
Genre: Romance, Humor, Chick Lit
Publisher: Berkley
Date: May 3, 2016

So what happens when someone develops such an interest in a fictional character that they decide to sell everything they own and go LOOK for that fictional character? That’s the premise of K.C. Dyer’s new release, Finding Fraser.

Now before I go any further on this review, let me drop a confession right here. I’ve been known to nurture some personal relationships with fictional characters. Doctor Who and I? We’re friends. Of course my mind has to be wiped every time we hang out just for security of the entire universe and all that, but still – I know we’re friends. You have those sort of friendships too, right? And Captain America? He’s got a special place in my heart as I’m sure I have in his.

But there’s one character that it pains me to even suggest he’s not real. The books where he resides are beloved friends. I’ve owned them in many incarnations, read them more times than I can count and I would never consider selling them or giving them away. (Unless it’s to introduce some poor, unknowing person to their glorious beauty. And then, of course, I get myself new copies!) The books to which I’m referring are the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  The character, as anyone who has even come close to this series knows, is Jamie Fraser.

Now I was a reader of the books as they were published. I devoured each of them when they came out and would greedily pester the poor folks at my local library until it got to the point that when a new book was released, they held it just for me before anyone else could read it. Can you imagine the delight? It wasn’t for a few years (and the eventual advent of the internet) that I discovered it wasn’t only me who adored these tales. There were legions of people around the world who felt this deep, resonating connection with not only these books, but this character.

So that brings us here – to Finding Fraser. I admit that I clapped my hands in delight when the offer came through my inbox to review it. Someone else who feels the same way I do about Jamie Fraser and actually wrote a book about it? I had moments of doubt too. As we all know, sometimes books with the best of intentions are just not handled well or properly. What would Dyer do with my much beloved Jamie? Could I even chance reading this book? Because if she messed with the story at all, that would make me very, very angry at her.

I’m delighted to report that Dyer’s tale was extremely respectful of the books, the character, Herself (Gabaldon of course) and all of the characters that she also brought to the story. The main character, Emma Sheridan, is in love with Jamie Fraser. So when her world seems to collapse upon itself, she decides to do something drastic. She’s going to go to Scotland and find her very own Jamie Fraser. (After all, the real Jamie is long gone – having lived centuries earlier and, as we all know, is unable to go through the stones himself. So alas, we’re all stuck here in this time without him.)

Emma’s journey is something that she decides to chronical through a travel blog and it is nothing short of delightful to read.  Dyer manages to create a character that goes through incredible chaos, messes, and disasters and still shares it with her readers in a way that’s fun and interesting. Sometimes she’s not completely honest with her readers, or herself but really, are any of us when we post on social media for the world to see?

As I read, I was reminded of the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. I loved seeing how Emma got herself into and out of her difficulties and sharing this adventure with her was completely delightful.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the Outlander series (*gasp* I know, right?) this book is a great deal of fun. If you’re looking for a lighter read that will bring a smile to your day, this is a perfect choice!

*Note: for my more conservative readers, Outlander is NOT a Christian series. Not even close. There are adult scenes and some of them go into detail. It’s not Fifty Shades of Gray by any stretch, but it isn’t PG-13 either. And if you should venture toward the Starz show, know that you’ll develop a very healthy relationship with the FF on your remote. J