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Questions Answered: How you can help?

mgysoQcI have been blessed with texts, emails, notes and messages of support. And also with people asking how they can help.  My beautiful friend, Organized SAHM, has set up an online form that people can fill out if they are interested in helping with meals or babysitting, errands, etc. It just asks for name, phone number and email and we promise it won’t go anywhere but here. We both thought this would be an easy way to catalog the offers. (Hey – we have the technology – we may as well use it.)

That form is here:

My kids are going to stay with some family in Houston for the duration, so we won’t need much with them (beyond prayers please!) until they come home after the surgery. That’s when we’ll really need help with meals, transportation to/from events,  errands, etc.

For those wondering about sending notes or cards or whatnot, Organized SAHM has my mailing address and can handle that.  (I believe she can be messaged through that FB page that I linked to. I’ll update if there ends up being an email address or anything that people can use for questions/info.)

And for others who have wondered if they can help financially, we do appreciate that support as well. We’ve been surprised by expenses we hadn’t thought about that are involved with this. God has blessed us and we’re not desperately in need – thankfully! But some have asked and I felt like I should address it here. The only way we are able to do that right now is the old fashioned way – checks in the mail or gift cards. We don’t have a Paypal account and because this has happened so quickly, we’ve been unable to find the time to set one up and a corresponding bank account to go with it for security, etc.  We never imagined anything like this or that anyone would offer that sort of assistance so we didn’t plan for that eventuality.

Also, one last note. I love each and every person who is praying for me. I don’t know even half of you and that touches my soul more than anyone can ever know. I’ve been moved to tears and thankfulness more times than I can count in recent weeks and I am truly and deeply overwhelmed with this outpouring of love and support. I know that my family is too. It’s been mentioned many times how brave I am while I’m handling this. That boggles my mind a little. I certainly don’t feel brave or amazing or anything. In the middle of the night I can’t shut my brain off and I struggle with the questions and concerns. That’s when I turn on the scriptures and literally have been sitting them on my pillow next to my ear so I can focus on Him – not me.

Right now, there’s no way around this. I can’t get in front of it, around it, or take a detour. I’m on a speeding train and I must go into the dark tunnel that’s ahead. I have no control over how fast or slow it goes and as we’re approaching, I hear more and more about things that might be in the tunnel. We could have to make a turn here or there might be something more that could cause problems. The other day I learned that this may not even be the last tunnel! (Honestly, there are days when I feel like I’m sitting on top of the train – not even in it! I’m just holding on for dear life!)  Unless the rapture happens or someone drops an atomic bomb, I can’t stop this or change it. It’s something I must do. I have looked at alternative treatments, but all of those doors have closed in my face. (Several didn’t even open.) So I’m trusting that God’s got me on this train and He’s in charge of the direction and the speed.  I’m not a fan of roller coasters. I always sit at the bottom and pray while my daughter and  hubby scream and holler in delight. So being on this particular ride isn’t really where I’d prefer to be. But it appears it’s where I’m supposed to be. So I’m doing my best to praise through the storm. I’m not always good at it. But I am trying. And I love everyone who is cheering me on, holding my hand, and loving on me while I do.

And so before my surgery on Wednesday, I leave you with one of my favorite verses:

“You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the Lord will be with you.” – 2 Chronicles 20:17