Movie Review: JOSEPH- Beloved Son, Rejected Slave, Exalted Ruler

Joseph DVD coverThe story of Joseph has been a big theme in our house this year. We recently went through the story pretty thoroughly for school and then our pastor started preaching a series on it as well. So when I received a request to review this fantastic new DVD,  I told God that I got the message and accepted the offer.

Many people know this story whether through Sunday School, church, or even from films. It’s a powerful tale of redemption and it shows how God can take a life that seems to be completely shattered and build it back into something beautiful. I think we all need to hear that on a pretty regular basis – at least I do!

This movie was beautiful. From the first moment we opened the package, my kids were all over me to hurry up and watch it. All of them, from the sixteen year old to the ten year old remained interested in the story throughout the viewing as well. They were intrigued and excited to see that many of the things we had just read about in the Bible were featured in the story. As we all know, previous Hollywood adaptations may have skipped over or changed some things for dramatic license. This film did not do that.

What I loved the most was that as we were watching it, my kids were not only comparing it to the Bible, but it also made them think even deeper about the story. I heard them asking questions like “Can you imagine what the brothers are thinking at this moment?” or “What do you think Joseph imagined would happen when…” That, to me, makes for excellent entertainment. Especially when there is a Biblical connection and a chance for the kids to learn more about how God works.

This film was well done, highly entertaining, and engaging on a level I hadn’t expected. Every family should want to keep a copy of this in their library to supplement their own Sunday School, church, or school lessons. It’s definitely a valuable resource and more than that, the kids love it!