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Hello. My name is Lori and I’m addicted to Crock-Pots

A few years ago while juggling my marketing company, homeschooling three kids and assisting a husband who had a severe chronic pain injury, I realized that my family had a problem. We were eating out far more than we were eating at home and we were spinning our wheels where our budget was concerned. I had to make a change.

Shortly after I began to research various ways that I could continue to support my (admittedly insane) schedule and yet provide home cooked meals for my kids, I got an invitation to join a group headed up by my friend, Organized SAHM. She had set up a group that would spend time once a month prepping and then freezing meals and they were concentrating on slow cooker recipes. The thought intrigued me and I went full force into the venture. I made a massive shopping  trip that involved multiple carts of food, printed out a slew of recipes and cleared a Saturday.

That venture was a massive learning experience for me. I made some mistakes, figured out some ways you should and shouldn’t do things, and was completely hooked on my slow cooker from that point onward. Since then, I have figured out many meals that work for my family and that we’re able to prep, freeze, and later cook in the slow cooker. (More about that in future blog posts…)

About a month ago, I saw an announcement that Crock-Pot would be releasing a brand new slow cooker. I tuned into the live webcast online and was immediately entranced. This Crock-Pot was a different than any of its predecessors. This one could be programmed. I have one that allowed me to press a button and choose the number of hours that I wanted it to cook. (Ex: 4-6 was high and 8-10 was low) But this one had a clock and shiny buttons and lots of choices on the front. What really grabbed my attention was when they said “You can program when you want to eat dinner and it will be done.”

I think I may have even seen a little halo shining over the top of the picture on the website….


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