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Daily Goodie Box Subscription Review

So you guys know I LOVE subscription boxes. I mean seriously how can you not? A neat package of stuff curated especially for your interests that comes right to your door? It’s like a mini little Christmas or birthday.

So when I was asked recently if I would be interested in reviewing the Daily Goodie Box, that was pretty much a slam dunk. I checked out their website  and I appreciated everything I saw. So  of course I said yes!

I started out pretty impressed from the second I got the box. It was a box INSIDE a box.  That might annoy some people, but honestly, I thought it was pretty cool. I’ve gotten some boxes that have been beaten up. This helped make sure the box arrived all in one piece.

That showed some extra care given from this company, but what really got my attention was inside the box! This was one of the best, most meticulously packed and cared for boxes I’ve received. I have seen boxes that just have everything floating loose and you have to guess if you got it all. This definitely topped the list of well packed subscription boxes!

This was what I saw when I opened it. That’s light blue tissue paper with the letter on top.

Nicely done.

When I pulled back the wrapping paper, this is what I found. The box was PACKED FULL. No extra fillers or stuffing here. This subscription box was full of items and all of them looked wonderful.

There was popcorn….

And chips….

And a bevy of goodies at the bottom to round it out.


So let’s take a quick look at each of the items I got in the box.

This was the first thing I dug into. When I agreed to review the box, I had no idea that a stomach bug would hit my home and it would arrive the first day I was able to eat real food without repercussions.  So I immediately snagged this. Now you all know I’ve been through my food issues. I spent a year doing protein shakes and peanut butter is one of the things I have trouble eating post cancer. It really burns the inside of my mouth for some reason. But of course, that’s one of the foods I crave!

This bar was REALLY tasty. Surprisingly so. When you see the package and see everything it’s missing – you sort of think – no way this is gonna be good. But I was blown away with how good it really was! I’ve already tracked them down and have them on the next grocery list.

These aren’t your normal average potato chips. If you see the title, you’ll see they are popped chips. That means not fried. These can be hit or miss. Everyone in my house agreed that these were really good. And they even fought over the bag!
Mama used this one a few nights after we got the box. I actually had forgotten it was in there! Whenever my mind went to the box, it was on an energy/keep going sort of kick. But my daughter was looking through it while we did movie night and I’m glad she did. You just mix this with water and it doesn’t totally knock you out (at least it didn’t for me) but it just gave me that extra little nudge toward sleep. If sleep is something that comes hard in your house, definitely check this out!
There were a couple of different varieties of these in the box. They all promised sustained energy but just with different flavors. I am a homeschool mom who runs a marketing business from home. Energy? That works. So I used all three pretty quickly and I can say if you’re looking for a big boost, this is not the product for you. However, if you have to deal with a late morning or afternoon decline, this is perfect. That dip won’t happen – you definitely get sustained energy throughout the day.
Winter is a great time to look at this sort of product. Dry skin during winter always haunts me. Even here in Texas where winter is really more of a joke than anything else. (Hey, I grew up in the snow belt and then married a man and moved to Wyoming. I’m allowed to call winter in Texas a joke! LOL!) This worked really well on my dry skin!
We’re movie geeks at our house. We are also popcorn geeks. We pretty much must have popcorn while watching movies. And a few in my house *coughhusbandcough* are also popcorn snobs. We don’t do microwave popcorn and we have a WhirlyPop, a hot air popper, and several other kinds of popcorn machines. So there was some scrabbling over who was going to get this bag. Eventually, it was passed around and everyone in the family agreed it was definitely a great movie snack.

Now on this one, I can’t give a personal opinion. Unfortunately, my post cancer eating issues took over and I wasn’t able to eat this one. The texture didn’t work for me. BUT my husband ate it and he really enjoyed it. That may not sound like glowing praise, but honestly, he does not like energy, protein bars or meal replacement bars. He pretty much actively boycotts them. So the fact that he ate the whole thing shows two things:

1: He loves me.  🙂

2: He liked it. He ate the whole thing. And he said he would even consider buying some. So that was a big thing.

All in all, the Daily Goodie Box really impressed me. This is one of the better subscription boxes I’ve ever seen. I would definitely check them out. The customer service has been amazing and the box itself was really well packaged and full of amazing items!