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Conquering 2017 with some speed bumps along the way….

Hey all!

So it’s been kind of quiet lately. I’m sorry about that. Had a bit of a speed bump in my plans to conquer 2017. Oh I still have every intention of conquering – it just might be on a slightly different schedule!

About ten days ago I ended up in the hospital. You see, no one ever told me that the gall bladder (something everyone insists you can do without) can make you really, really, sick if you just try to power through an attack. I had an attack in mid-January and they sent me home from the ER and told me to look into surgery – because the labs showed that I had some issues, but nothing was inflamed. A few days later they called to tell me I had E.Coli in some of my lab work. So I assumed that was the cause of the attack.  Um, it wasn’t.

Long story short, I landed back in the ER with scary off the chart pancreas and liver numbers. For a short time, I was even listed on that uber exclusive “critical condition” list. But  now, thankfully – two surgeries later I am back home and recovering.

I had quite the stay in the hospital.  The lady in the bed next to me definitely provided a lot of notes for the sitcom. An elderly woman, she couldn’t remember a lot when the docs and nurses would come in to talk to her. But she did remember two things very plainly. 1: She hates Tom Brady with a virulent passion. 2: She hates him because he keeps posing naked all over the place like he’s ‘all that and a bag of chips.’  I still have not figured out how the 87 year old lady (who took two days to realize she had a roommate and once she did, refused to push the button for the nurses – instead yelling “HEY LADY!” every time she needed something) FOUND Tom Brady naked pictures, let alone actually remembered them in pretty vivid detail!

Now that I’m home, I’m catching up. I have lots of reviews and articles coming – so watch for those. And I have several writing gigs lined up. Fingers crossed for those please! A couple of them are very promising!

So how’s everyone else been out there?? Fill me in!