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Book Review: Son of Truth by Morgan Busse

Son of Truth by Morgan Busse sonoftruth
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Marcher Lord Press
Publication Date: November 28, 2013

Caleb Tala has been a professional assassin for all of his life. Highly skilled and trained in everything from sword play to scaling buildings and knowing how to disappear, he’s never given a second thought to the people around him. Until now. Caleb has come face to face with The Word and he won’t come out of it unchanged.

On the other end of the spectrum, Rowen Mar is still recovering from everything she just went through in her meeting with The Word. Including the reality that she just made an entire army disappear with light? What does that mean for her current position? Will she lose her home like she did previously?

In this fast moving sequel to Daughter of Light, Morgan Busse builds and expands her universe even further and she does it with class and style. In this outing, we learn more about the mythology behind Eldarans and Shadonae as well as the politics that run throughout the region.

I loved seeing how The Word changed Caleb Tala’s very existence. Everything that he’d been before is now seen through fresh eyes and it enlightens not only Caleb, but the reader. When he’s with his family or remembering his past, it’s difficult for him to even conceive that life. I loved that! It’s how so many of us feel after our encounters with God and it resonates Truth through the story.

I also enjoyed watching how each of the characters Nierne, Captain Lore, Caleb, Rowen and all of those around them grew into this adventure. With a full-fledged cast of characters that it’s easy to invest in and a mythology that’s complex enough to keep us entertained without confusing us, Son of Truth offers up a brilliant sequel in this series.

As a center book in what I’m imagining to be a trilogy, there’s a lot of set up for what will surely come to pass in the last book. This means there isn’t a whole lot of big plot moves or twisting, but there’s still enough to keep you mostly satisfied. Note the ‘mostly’ in that last sentence. The final page of this one will keep you hanging off the edge of our seat. Some screaming may occur.

Okay Morgan and Jeff, I’m ready for the next one now. Please?

Review copy provided by the publisher.