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Book Review: Heir of Hope by Morgan Busse

Heir of Hope by Morgan L Busse
Genre: Fantasynew-hoh-cover
Publisher: Enclave Publishing
Date: April 21, 2015

By the time we reach the events of Heir of Hope, the world of our characters has shifted and drifted far from what it was when we began. Rowen Mar, the last Truthsayer, has finally come to understand the depth and breadth of what her talents entail. She has seen the Word work through her and His way is more powerful than she’d ever imagined.

Meanwhile, Caleb Tala is still learning what it means to be a Guardian of all mankind. He knows the Word now and he is doing his best to put aside his former life as an assassin and embrace the Word’s plan.

In an odd sort of partnership with Captain Lore (the beloved of Rowen Mar) and a beautiful young scribe, Nierne, Caleb must find Rowen and rescue her from the hands of the fabled Shadonae.

I have a confession to make. I love fantasy. I don’t get to read really good fantasy that often – especially not well written and newly published fantasy. But Heir of Hope and the entire trilogy are definitely all that a fantasy reader could seek. Written in beautiful descriptive fashion, this series and especially, this book, keeps the reader on the main idea of the story. Some fantasy stories suffer from overly difficult plot points, backstory that clouds the purpose of the book or convoluted storylines that keep the readers off track. This book does not do that in any way. In fact, Heir of Hope keeps the story true to its purpose. The Word and the characters remain center stage and keep the reader engaged to the very end.

Characters grow, learn, change and move but not enough to lose their human touch. One of the aspects I loved is that neither Rowen nor Caleb immediately became perfect after meeting the Word. They battled doubts, concerns, and questions the same way many of us do as we fight to stay on the path that the Word has given us. And that brings us to The Word. God and His power in our lives is portrayed beautifully in this series. There’s no doubt when you get to the end that Busse has given us the picture of an all-powerful, majestic and amazing God, but it’s one that still loves us. I don’t want to spoil any plotlines, but one particular shocking surprise at the end packed a powerful emotional wallop for me as I was reading.

The entire series is fantastic. If you’re looking for good summer reading or something for your teens, this series from Enclave Publishing is one not to miss.  Snag your copy today – you’ll be glad you did!

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