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Book Review: Grace Unplugged by Melody Carlson

grace-unplugged-bookGrace Unplugged by Melody Carlson
Genre: Drama
Publisher: B&H Books
Pub Date: September 1, 2013

Grace Trey loves music and God. At 18, she’s grown up surrounded by both. Her father, Johnny Trey was a one hit wonder on the music scene ‘back in the day’ and now he’s a worship leader at a prominent southern church. As part of his worship team, she plays with him every Sunday, has toured churches around the country with him, and is in the process of recording an album with him.

But still, she wants more. She’s tired of being told what to do and how to play music. When she breaks out at church and speeds the tempo or makes changes, her dad hits the roof – even though many have said they like it. Grace believes that he doesn’t see her as anything other than a child and she’s ready to prove herself one way or another.

So when there’s a resurgence in the popularity of her dad’s song and music producers are knocking at the door, he might not be interested but Grace sure is. Soon she hatches a plan that brings her out from under her dad’s thumb and right into the middle of the music industry.

Fast paced, on the edge of everything she’s ever imagined and more, Grace soon learns that things aren’t what they seem and it’s very easy to get lost.

A beautiful, haunting story of teenage rebellion and overprotective parenting set against the backdrop of the entertainment industry, Grace Unplugged is a timely story that will engage everyone.

Though you know from the beginning that this will be a tough coming of age story, still Melody Carlson serves it up with style, grace and a beautiful tone that will have you engaged throughout the story. It takes an author with years of experience writing for and to young adults to get inside the head of a rebellious (yet still good hearted) teenage girl and make her voice startlingly legitimate. I loved how, as I was reading, parents didn’t get a free pass either. Marriages suffer and families have troubles when there’s a rift of this magnitude. Paramount to everything, it’s underscored heavily in this tale that only God can heal such a break and bring back the lost soul.

I absolutely loved this book and I’m even more excited to see the movie which will be coming to theaters in October. Keep watching – this is a good one!

Rating: PG-13

Review copy provided by Grace Hill Media.