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Book Review: Ebenezer’s Bedtime Adventure

Ebenezer’s Bedtime Adventure by Matthew Christian Hardingebenezerbedtimeadventure
Genre: Children’s
Publisher: Zoe and Sozo Publishing
Published Date: October 17, 2013

It’s the parenting dilemma we’ve all experienced. Even babysitters are not immune. What happens when kids are just not ready to go to bed?  In one house, the adventure truly is just that; an adventure.

Ebenezer and his sister Forrest are not ready to go to bed. Neither of them are tired, but their dad is reading. They hope it’s not a really good book because if it is, he might not consent to their request. They’re ready for a bedtime adventure!

In moments, Ebenezer and his sister are whisked from their home into a fabulous fantasy full of brave knights, dragons, damsels in distress and bi-planes. Wait a minute…bi-planes?! Yes!

In this wonderful, perfect-for-bedtime-reading adventure, Matthew Christian Harding (a favorite author of mine) presents a tale that will delight everyone in the household. With gorgeous full color animations and a delightful story, readers will find themselves engaged in the story just as surely as both Ebenezer and his sister are.

This book was a great, short, sweet and precious adventure that anyone can read to their kids without worry or harm. My eleven year old read it twice in one evening and asked if she could read it again with her younger brother.
High recommendations and regards for this beautiful little story. I am excited to see that there are more adventures expected for Ebenezer and his sister as well!

Rating G: Not a single thing to worry about in this one.