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Book Review: Anomaly by Krista McGee

Anomaly by Krista McGeeAnomaly
Genre: Sci Fi, YA
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Date July 9 2013

Thalli knows that she’s got less than 15 minutes less to live. In fact, she can see the bright red numbers on the clock ticking down the rest of her life.

And thus starts the story of Thalli, a genetically manipulated young woman who is a brilliant musician living in and controlled by The State. An underground facility is her residence and every moment of her day is choreographed by the Scientists – elders who remember what is was like to live above ground, grow food, laugh, play and make your own life choices. Now that nuclear war has decimated the earth, Thalli  and the others like her, are controlled by the Scientists in an effort to keep everyone safe.

But when Thalli struggles with curiosity and others in her pod show some signs of abnormalities, it seems her fate is sealed. She must be annihilated in order to preserve the ordered and systematic way of life that is required of this reality.

What happens when Thalli discovers that things aren’t always what they seem? Annihilation doesn’t have to be inevitable? Who is that old man that speaks of a Designer? And could she be developing feelings for Berk – her former pod mate who is now in training to become a scientist?

This completely new and strange dystopian adventure from Krista McGee starts out as a roller coaster and doesn’t ever stop. With shades of The Matrix, Divergent and The Hunger Games, Thalli’s story takes us on a frightening, creative and incredible adventure that will whet the appetites of the most avid sci-fi and fantasy fans. From one moment to the next, it’s difficult to pinpoint who is lying and who is telling the truth. Even we, as the readers, are unable to follow all of the plot twists with any amount of certainty and though it’s frustrating at times, in the overall, it’s entertaining enough to keep us engaged with the adventure.

I can honestly say that this book kept me guessing all the way throughout and completely wrapped in the story as well. I loved the way that McGee crafted this universe and the way she filled in the gaps of the character’s minds. This was a completely new way to view our world and not only was it well crafted, it left us with enough intrigue to guarantee I’ll be first in line for the next adventure.

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