Hey, guess what? I have a passion for talking! (This is no surprise to anyone who has ever known me.) With my background in radio, my writing career, homeschooling, and my cancer journey, I admittedly have a lot that I can share with others.

About that cancer thing. In 2014, I was diagnosed with an odd form of cancer that required the removal of a large portion of my tongue. As a result, I didn’t eat or speak for months on end. In fact, doctors weren’t sure I would ever physically be able to speak again.

Fast forward to 2017, when I was approached by a speaker’s bureau and asked if I would consider signing with them as a professional speaker. I hadn’t even gotten in touch with them – they tracked me down! How often does that happen?

So now the woman who wasn’t sure she would ever speak again is now a professional speaker! I have a variety of topics that will work for businesses, professional events and in-house corporate training, women’s conferences, church groups and school events.


  • Goal to Action
    This is where I go over how to set manageable goals, how to break them out into smaller, achievable action items, and how to stay on track.
  • So You Want to Work from Home?
    Pajamas. Coffee. Setting your own schedule. It all sounds like the dream job doesn’t it? This is where I share how you can start your own home-based business without letting the rest of your life spin out of control.
  • Business Marketing 101
    Do you really need marketing? What’s the best marketing for your business/career? This is where I explain the basics of what you need to have, what you don’t need to spend money on, and how to really get the best ROI for your marketing bucks.
  • Verbal Judo
    The words you use, the tone of voice and the methods you employ will ensure that your customer service keeps your clients and customers happy and your business moving forward.
  • Playing in Someone Else’s Sandbox
    The internet and social media have changed the entire scope of marketing as a whole. Get the best bang for your marketing buck and find out how you can avoid dumping all of your budget into digital marketing.
  • Buzzing Your Biz
    This is where we discuss the benefits of contract marketing vs. in-house marketing departments and why you need to take control of your marketing instead of just hoping other people will buzz your biz for you!
  • Let’s Get Social
    Did you know that there are over 50 million small businesses using Facebook to market their business? It’s a powerful tool and it can be a frightening monster to tame. This is where to learn the best platforms to use and how to leverage their power to maximize your business.

Family and Home

  • The Revelation Generation
    The entertainment industry has always had a hand in shaping the way our kids see the world. Sometimes this is blatantly obvious, but sometimes, it’s more subtle. Since I work in books, films and television, I can see the upcoming trends and share with parents the tools they need to keep ahead of Hollywood’s influence.
  • Plate Spinning
    Is it possible to keep work, home, and personal life on track without spinning out of control? Yes! I give tips and hints on the best ways to maximize time, keep organized and keep your family happy while doing multiple things.
  • Casting Anchor
    You can’t support, mentor, or encourage others unless you are solidly anchored to the right things. The same goes for your family in your home. Tips and advice for how to keep yourself anchored when the storm of chaos is raging around you.
  • But What About Socialization??
    Homeschooling my kids was the last thing I ever wanted or expected to do. In fact, for many years, I told people it wasn’t my talent and I would never do it. That’s when God tapped me on the forehead and I swear I heard him say, “Let’s see about that.” Are you thinking of homeschooling? This is where I talk about the things I wish I’d known before I started.
  • Iron Man is Swimming in my Lemonade
    A friend told me a few years ago that I needed to write a book about how to get started homeschooling. I recall laughing quite a bit at that idea. The only thing I’m really qualified to tell you is how NOT to start out your homeschooling journey.


  • Breath by Breath
    You’ve heard the phrase day by day? Sometimes those days can be really long. It’s possible you might need hour by hour or even minute by minute. I’ve had moments where I can only focus on the next breath. In the middle of your gravest trials and your toughest times, how can you keep your eyes on Jesus and your faith in tact?
  • Caregiver Burnout
    When you are primary caregiver to someone who is ill or permanently injured, the weight of the world sits on your shoulders. You might tend to take on all of those burdens yourself. It’s easy to burn out and collapse under the pressure. Here, I talk about how to keep the balance in your life and not let the circumstances around you become more than you can handle.
  • Don’t Suck It Up
    How many times in your life have you been told to suck it up? As a military spouse I learned to keep any issues or problems I had locked down tight. I shouldn’t talk to anyone and I definitely shouldn’t ask for help. After all, I didn’t want to be the one who couldn’t cut it, right? This also happens often in the church. People don’t share their struggles. When you keep the hurts and the tough times close, you steal the blessing from others. Discover how to ask for help AND how to offer help so that everyone gets blessed.
  • Build Your Sister Tribe
    Are you a woman who struggles to hold it all together? Surrounding yourself with a tribe of sisters who will support and encourage you is a sure-fire way to keep yourself accountable, grow, and be brave enough to step into new things


  • Book Marketing/Promotion
    First time author? Or maybe you’ve self-pubbed but now you’ve been picked up by a publishing house for the first time. This is where we talk about what to expect from them, what you are going to want to have in place from your end, and what they are going to expect from you!
  • Page to Screen: Turning Your Book into a Film
    It’s the dream of many authors to see their book turned into a film for either the big screen or television. In this session, I talk candidly with writers about what to expect from the process. Should you option or sell the rights completely? What should writers understand about the pitching process? I also explore why some adaptations are so different from the source material, and how the author can best stay involved in the filmmaking process.
  • How Book Reviewing Can Benefit Your Writing Career
    When a book has been published, everyone hopes for a good review. Not many stop to think that reviewing books could be a valid way to establish yourself in the publishing industry. In this session I (owner of Fiction Addict and Radiant Lit) teach writers how to leverage book reviewing to help raise their reputation in the business. I also explore how to approach bloggers and book reviewers as an author seeking reviews.
  • Marketing and Publicity for Indie Authors
    When you publish with a traditional publishing house, they set the tone for the marketing and publicity. When you are working with a smaller boutique press or on your own, that flips everything upside down.  In this seminar, authors will learn what elements are essential to marketing, fresh ideas to get buzz moving for their books, and what sort of timeline needs to be in place for the most effective marketing and publicity campaign.


If your church, group, organization or business are interested in having me speak on any of these topics, please drop me an email at lori@beyondthebuzzmarketing.com.

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