I have had the honor of working on the new theatrical release, BELIEVE. Because it’s a conflict of interest for me to work on the film and then write a review (at least in my own mind it is!) I have a  guest reviewer on this one. 🙂 -Lori Title: BELIEVE […]

Movie Review: BELIEVE

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This morning when I got on Facebook, it reminded me of my memories from this date over the years. I do love this about Facebook and often, it brings to mind those daily treasures that too often are forgotten. On this date in 2010 though, there was a pretty powerful […]

Flashback: Happy to be ‘just a spouse….’

I posted this yesterday on my Facebook page (I had too much happening to even attempt to get it over here!) But now I have a little time, so I thought I’d share. 🙂 This is a long update, but stick with me. It turned out to be a mini […]

One step at a time….

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So a week ago I posted this blog about my hubby’s pain issues and the surgeries that were scheduled for next week. We had, quite literally, no idea what we were walking into. That’s some scary stuff. Looking back at all we’ve been through this week, it still awes me how […]

Hubby Update: What A Difference a Week Makes!

This is a long journal entry. I would apologize but I really can’t. I needed to get this all out for my own sanity. There’s a lot here. We get asked every day about his injury and disability, so I thought it was important to explain it here. And then […]

We’re hanging on by our fingernails. Tomorrow we will let ...

Title: Life After Coffee Author: Virginia Franken Genre: Women’s Fiction Publisher: Lake Union Publishing Date: September 13, 2016 Okay, now I’m gonna admit this flat out. I only snagged this book for review because of the title. I didn’t read the full description and I wasn’t sure what I was getting […]

Review: Life After Coffee by Virginia Franken